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Hisham Munir

This archive highlights the work of one of Iraq's noted architects, Hisham Munir.  As much of Munir's archive was left behind when the architect and his family left Baghdad, many of the items in this still developing collection are being re-created in collaboration with the architect himself.  

Hisham Munir, founder of Hisham Munir and Associates, is one of Iraq's most prolific architects of the 20th century.  His projects include buildings for education, health, administrative, governmental, banking, hospitality, tourism, housing, and agriculture, among others. He frequently partnered with The Architects Collaborative (TAC), as well as British, Brazilian, Canadian, Dutch, Italian and Swiss firms. Some of Munir's best known work includes the University of Mosul (1956), the Agricultural Complex (1975), the Iraqi Reinsurance Company in Baghdad (1976), Sheraton Hotels in Baghdad and Basra (1981), the Al-Sabah Complex in Kuwait (1976), and the Unknown Soldier Monument (1982) . He is also a respected academic.  He was one of the founders of the School of Architecture in the University of Baghdad, where he also taught and served as Dean.  

Michael A. Toler, Archnet Content Manager.
October 18, 2016


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