Shajara al-Durr, Sultana of Egypt

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Variant names
  • شجرة الدر (Original)
  • Shajarat al-Durr (Transliterated)
  • شجر الدر (Alternate)
  • Shajar al-Durr (Transliterated)
  • Shadjar al-Durr (Alternate transliteration)
  • والدة خلیل الصالحیة (Vernacular)
  • Wālidat Khalīl al-Sālihiyya (Transliterated)
  • ام الخليل (Vernacular)
  • Umm Khalil (Transliterated)
  • ملكة المسلمين (Vernacular)
  • Malikat al-Muslimīn (Transliterated)
  • عصمت الدين (Vernacular)
  • ‘Ismat al-Din (Transliterated)


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