IJIA Volume 6, Number 1 (2017)

This collection contains abstracts for the research articles in International Journal of Islamic Architecture, Volume 6, Number 1 (2017). To access the abstracts, click the orange "view the collections" button.

Full contents of Volume 6, Number 1


  1. Khan, Hasan-Uddin. "Developing Discourses on Architecture: Journals Concerned with the Islamic Realm from Mimar to IJIA." pp. 5-14.


  1. Prakash, Vikramditya."The ‘Islamic’ from a global Historiographical Perspective." pp. 17-24.

Research articles:

  1. Rajagopalan, Mrinalini. "A Nineteenth-Century Architectural Archive: Syed Ahmad Khan’s Asar-us-Sanadid." pp. 27-58.
  2. Coslett, Daniel E. "(Re)branding a (Post)colonial Streetscape: Tunis’s Avenue Habib Bourguiba and the Road Ahead." pp. 59-96.
  3. Apotsos, Michelle Moore. "Timbuktu in Terror: Architecture and Iconoclasm in Contemporary Africa." pp. 97-120.
  4. Azizkhani, Mehdi. "Between the Past and the Future: Philip Johnson’s Design Thinking and Practice at GAI, Isfahan, Iran." pp. 121-148.
  5. Colistra, Joe. "Hybrid Modes of Architectural Production in the United Arab Emirates." pp. 151-164.
  6. Gür, Berin F. "Sancaklar Mosque: Displacing the Familiar." pp. 165-193.

Book reviews:

  1. Ajlouni, Rima. Review of Islamic Geometric Design, by Eric Broug. pp. 197-200.
  2. Hartmuth, Maximilian. Review of Architecture and the Late Ottoman Historical Imaginary: Reconfiguring the Architectural Past in a Modernizing Empire, by Ahmet A. Ersoy. pp. 200-202.
  3. Kuppinger, Petra. Review of The Superlative City: Dubai And The Urban Condition In The Early Twenty-First Century, by Ahmed Kanna (ed). pp. 202-205.
  4. Rehman, Abdul.  Review of Balochistan: Architecture, Craft, And Religious Symbolism, by Mohsen Keiany. pp. 205-208. 
  5. Ergin, Nina. Review of The Architects Of Ottoman Constantinople: The Balyan Family And The History Of Ottoman Architecture, by Alyson Wharton.  pp. 208-210.

Exhibition reviews:

  1. Öztürk, Onur. Review of ‘A Cosmopolitan City: Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Old Cairo’, the Oriental Institute, Chicago, February 17–September 13, 2015. pp. 213-217. 

Conference precis:

  1. Mondini, Sara. Précis of ‘Medieval Tombs and Their Spatial Context: Strategies of Commemoration in Christianity And Islam’, University Of Tübingen, Kunsthistorisches Institut, Germany, February 18–20, 2016.  pp. 221-223.



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