IJIA Volume 3, Number 2 (2014)

This collection contains abstracts for the research articles in International Journal of Islamic Architecture, Volume 3, Number 2 (2014). This volume is a special issue dedicated to Islamic architecture and mobility edited by Christiane Gruber. To access the abstracts, click the orange "view the collection" button.

Full contents for Volume 3, Number 2


  1. Gruber, Christiane. "Islamic Architecture on the Move." pp. 241-264.

Research articles:

  1. Keshani, Hussein. Review of The Art and Architecture of Twelver Shi’ism: Iraq, Iran and the Indian Sub-Continent, by James W. Allan and The Art and Material Culture of Iranian Shi’ism: Iconography and Religious Devotion in Shi’i Islam, by Pedram Khosronejad (ed).
  2. de Miranda, Adriana. Review of Damascene ‘Ajami Rooms: Forgotten Jewels of Interior Design, by Anke Scharrahs. pp. 509-511.
  3. Matteson, Matthew Benjamin. Review of Postmodernizm Jest Prawie W Porządku: Polska Architektura Po Socjalistycznej Globalizacji / Postmodernism is Almost all Right: Polish Architecture After Socialist Globalization by Lukasz Stanek. pp. 511-514.
  4. Wolper, Ethel Sara. Review of Architecture and Hagiography in the Ottoman Empire: The Politics of Bektashi Shrines in the Classical Age, by Zeynep Yürekli. pp. 514-516.
  5. Tabbaa, Yasser. Review of Les Lions En Pierre Sculptée Chez Les Bakhtiari: Description Et Significations De Sculptures Zoomorphes Dans Une Société Tribale Du Sud-Ouest De L’iran, by  Pedram Khosronejad. pp. 516-519.

Exhibition reviews:

  1. Becker, Lutz. Review of ‘The House is Black’, Rose Issa Projects, London, United Kingdom, October 14–November 14, 2013. pp. 523-526.
  2. Quraishi, Fatima. Review of ‘Interwoven Globe: The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500–1800’, Metropolitan Museum of Art, September 16, 2013–5 January 2014. pp. 526-528.
  3. Skurvida, Sandra. Review of ‘Iran Modern’, Asia Society, New York City, September 6, 2013–January 5, 2014. pp. 529-533.
  4. Valor, Magdalena. Review of ‘Nur: Light in Art and Science From the Islamic World’, Focus-Abengoa Foundation, Seville, Spain, October 2013–March 2014. pp. 533-537.

Conference precis:

  1. Rogers, Sarah. Précis of ‘Regional Vis-À-Vis Global Discourses: Contemporary art From the Middle East’, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, United Kingdom, July 5–6, 2013. pp. 541-543.
  2. Firouzeh, Peyvand. Précis of ‘Orientality: Cultural Orientalism and Mentality’, Pembroke College, Cambridge, United Kingdom, May 17–18, 2013. pp. 533-537.



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