Kamil and Rifat Chadirji Photographic Archive - Notes from the Archives

The color image shown here, and several more from the marshes areas of Iraq (click on "View the Collection" to see others), are from slides taken by Kamil Chadirji, and are part of the Kamil and Rifat Chadirji Photographic Archive, which in early 2017 joined the other collections and archives at the Aga Khan Documentation Center at MIT Libraries.  These images have not yet been fully cataloged, and are shown as is for this "Notes from the Archives" rotating collection to expose them, making the images discoverable prior to full cataloging.  But, they will all be cataloged over the coming months, and many more will be in the coming years.  The breadth and depth of Iraqi culture and life, and its natural and built environments, that is represented in this archive of (ca. 100,000) images from the 1920s up to the 1990s by father and son photographers, is an extraordinary record of Iraq over the last century, which we are very pleased to begin making accessible through Archnet.  More on this to come.



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