Akbar, Mughal Emperor of India

1542-1605/949-1014 AH (r. 1556-1605/963-1014 AH)

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Variant names
  • ابو الفتح جلال الدين محمد اكبر پادشاه (Original)
  • Abu al-Fath Jalal al-Din Muhammad Akbar Padishah (Transliterated)
  • اکبر (Variant)
  • Akbar (Transliterated)
  • Akbar the Great (Translated)
  • Akbar, Emperor of Hindustan (Translated)
  • ابو الفتح (Alternate)
  • Abu al-Fath (Transliterated)
  • Abu'l-Fath (Alternate transliteration)
  • جلال الدين محمد (Alternate)
  • Jalal al-Din Muhammad (Transliterated)
  • Jalal ud-Din Muhammad (Alternate transliteration)
  • Jalaluddin Mohammed (Alternate transliteration)
  • عرش اشياني (Alternate)
  • 'Arsh-Ashyani (Transliterated)
  • Arsh Ashiyani (Alternate transliteration)
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