Science for Peace and Development

World Science Day for Peace and Development was established in 2001 by UNESCO.  

Celebrated every 10 November, World Science Day for Peace and Development highlights the significant role of science in society and the need to engage the wider public in debates on emerging scientific issues. It also underlines the importance and relevance of science in our daily lives. (

The theme for 2018 is "Science, A Human Right," in recognition of the fact that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the General Assembly on 10 December 1948, states

(1) Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.
(2) Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author. (Article 27,

In this exhibition you will find collections on topics such as environmental design, health and sanitation, science education, and disaster preparedness. The exhibition also acknowledges that scholars in Muslim societies have long been applying insights gained through scientific exploration to the well-being of both individuals and societies in a collection on the history of science

This exhibitions and the associated collections are a representative sample of the material available in this online library.   We invite you to contact us with comments or suggestions, and to continue exploring on your own.  See the Using Archnet collection if assistance.  

--Aga Khan Documentation Center at MIT, November 2018

Created by Michael A. Toler, Archnet Content Manager, November 2014

Updated November 2017



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