2017 Media

This gallery contains a sampling of the most striking image and videos added during 2017. Some of the media was associated with existing records, others are associated with new collections and sites. The videos in this collection are a representative selection of those added this this year, but the images were chosen based on highly subjective criteria. More than 11,350 images were added to Archnet since January 1st of last year, including historic and recent photographs, drawings, plans, and works of art. This variety would be impossible to represent in a collection of this size, so I have simply chosen a selection of what I consider the most visually striking images. This was the sole criteria, and the selection cannot be considered representative of what was published in 2017. 

What would images would you choose for this gallery?  What Archnet images caught your eye in 2017? 

-Michael A. Toler, Archnet Content Manager
January 2, 2018



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