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Architecture and the LoC
I am sure some of us are overtly concerned of THEIR religious pastische; Architecture bleeds.....

India and Pakistan are on war since last quadruple of decades. Can you lend me an idea, or a hand for that matter, in identifying the DECREDENTIALS these warring states, are rendering to the once glorified architecture of the INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT.

Note from moderator: [The Line of Control (LOC) is a line which demarcates the boundary between the territories controlled by two militaries or political entities. Specifically, the term "LOC" refers to the military control line between India and Pakistan, in the province of Kashmir.]

Ankur Tripathi
Architecture and the LoC
Ankur, war (for that matter any war) bleeds the society in general. It leads to an all round economic downfall as well as psychological problems. While during the WWI & WWII people built bunkers inside their houses, I am not aware if people near the border build them any longer, because todays bombs are much more powerful. Plus most people near the border towns are poor & cannot afford expensive concrete under ground bunkers to protect against enemy shelling.

I would suggest that you go through books related to WWII & architecture, I am sure there are some.

You can only speculate as to what could have been possible if no war had happenned, probably tourism would have flourished & architecture in response to this would have grown.

Architecture is always in reponse to particular economics. You need to check J&K's economics during peace time & do theroetical projections based on them. That will give you an idea on what could have been and what is actually there.

Rest of India is hardly affected by it.

Can't say about Pakistan though. Please ask someone from Pakistan about it.
Chitradeep Sengupta
Architecture and the LoC
Well Ankur, there is no doubt in my mind, that there was was once an architecture of the Indian subcontinent, that existed in the name of the Indian subcontinent. Now don't over look the fact of its presence due to certain influences. After the partition both countries have been fighting till now. Where Pakistan has been fighting over its right to claim the land of "Kashmir". The Indians, on the other hand, had supremacy over the entire region. We Pakistani's lost half of our country. In the process and we are saddened by it even until now.

Now when India was divided. It was not divided over architectural differences but over religious differences. More than double of the population, of the Muslims couldn't even leave the region and today they still live among the their Hindu country men. In the process the whole region suffered a lot but it was inevitable due to their major differences and the very idea of the Hindu majority dominating the Muslim minority after the English would have left it in the hands of the majority. There was a need to acknowledge those fears and proper measures and assurance from the majority ruling class should have been provided and given.

During the presence of the English these differences couldn't be avoided and the very assurance was not given to the Muslims who only wished to live there lives amongst the Hindus as independent and respectable as the Hindus would had. The ruling Hindu class didn't compromise and no assurance was given to acknowledge the needs of the Muslims and their presence as equal and independent citizens. The presence of Pakistan was insurance that the Hindu majority will not dominate the Muslim minority and Muslims at that time felt a need for a separate homeland.

Architecture wasn't affected at all by the partition and is not even affected when the fight on the boarders. Both countries in the past have concentrated on obtaining and manufacturing military hardware (one for its supremacy the other for its self defence) by doing this they are not left with enough money for to spend on their people and their needs. Which off course also means they dont spend it on their architectural identity.

The advancement and progress in the development of Mughal architecture and for other architectural styles of the Indian subcontinent stopped when the English came. They developed a new architectural style that involved the ancient Hindu, Islamic and Sikh architectural style features along with the typical colonial features.

Now when we are both countries are moving towards peace its the responsibility of Indian and Pakistani architects/conservationists to work together to revive the lost architectural heritage and its conservation and its integration into their respective identities keeping in view our own architectural ideologies. The features that of a mosque and that of a temple are distinguishable, besides that every region of the Indian subcontinent had its own architectural style. But the ones that are common and are shared by both can not be divided and can not be claimed over religion and faith. These features are due to our climatic conditions the influences that affected the people of the Indian subcontinent. Influences that are equally important to both India and Pakistan as being two neighbors and as brother nations, striving to exist independently and respectably.
Hassan Sarmad Toosy
Architecture and the LoC
Hello Sarmad,

I do not wish to comment on the initial part of your post. Many of the factors of partitions have been politically motivated including the `fear-factor'. Lets discuss Architecture.

However I agree that conservationists from our countries need to look into the issues.

I think LOC in the context of Kashmir means war-zone. Constant shelling, etc. are standard features of the `environment' that a builder needs to consider. Hence buildings (houses, hospitals, offices, shops, temples, gurdwaras, churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.) need to be built in such a way that protects people.

This picture needs to be superimposed with actual economic power of the people. Which is what I suggested intitially. (I wonder where is Ankur?).

Downfall of economy in border areas, thriving of a totally different kind of economy is something we need to look at. That is what will guide Ankur to specific conclusion.
Chitradeep Sengupta
Architecture and the LoC
I wonder, whether is it possible to converge our cultural, political and conditional fanaticisms to a more intense application (movement). We have examples of avant garde and similar propositions as a response to major global cultural shifts. We have a reason, and a reason which throbs our hearts.
Ankur Tripathi
Architecture and the LoC
where there is a will there is away:)!
Hassan Sarmad Toosy
Architecture and the LoC
I would very much like to join this movement..!

Seems to be a tough ask to make a line of thought that connects 2 things which are far apart and do not necessarily happen at the same time.

When money is in war.. nobody builds...Kings and Warlords used this to guide their lives. Glory for them first came from war, and then, from what they left behind when they left the world.

SO even Alexander the great, Chandragupta maurya, Akbar, Asokha and ShahJehan All beleieved in this.. they killed for long ...murdered, destroyed civilazations and more, but they left an empire that was great and known as much for thie glory in terms of the wealth, the economic, and social growth that was created as they were for their heroic victories in the fields of war.

IF we inthis age of democracy can believe for a fact..that we are the ones who rule ourselves...which seems very ironic considering the political rigging that happens all the way from the USA to China.. it shouls be for our own glory.. that we work to rebuild our countries, and create the beginnings of a glorious leave behind.

If it happens... in may just be possible.

(And since we are here to talk about architecture - no comments..please on a war which the people of both countries really don't want - i am an indian, and i work with pakistanis - we never even realize that an LOC exists between us.

It never did and never will. If u don't want it to. But politicians...well they need to be got rid of.. startign from G.W.BUSH....the epitome of a warmongering maniac.(excuse me GOPers..!)
Nirup Jayanth


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