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Plan types of SOS villages
Are there any plan types regarding SOS villages
around the world .
Saleha Qureshi
Plan types of SOS villages
SOS Children's Villages are private social welfare organisations that are politically and religiously independent. They provide the abandoned and orphaned children the best possible substitute for homes and families they have lost. Currently, there are 248 SOS Villages in 90 countries. As to your question, there is not one plan type for these villages. Each SOS Village is usually designed by a local architect or firm using the local architectural language and materials. Each village is unique and of its place. There are some beautifully designed SOS Villages around the world. You should take a look at the one in Aqaba, Jordan, by Jafar Tukan. I hope to place a selection of SOS projects including the plans on ArchNet in the near future.
Shiraz Allibhai


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