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Education in architecture

I am a civil engineering student from Pakistan. I am always inspired by art and architecture.

Are there any programes in universities, either in Pakistan or some other country, where civil engineers can also apply for a post-graduate degree in architecture, conservation or some related programme?
Rizwan Karim
Education in architecture
Dear Rizwan,

I'll give you some information on programs on the U.S.

M.I.T.'s post-graduate S.M.Arch.S. program may fit your interest, and is quite flexible. But, it is a two-year non-professional degree.

If you are interested in getting a professional degree in architecture rather than doing some research along the lines of your interests (i.e. a degree that will allow you to work as a practising architect), then you will need to do a three-year (and in some places, a three and a half year) M.Arch. degree, which allows post-university students become architects regardless of their background.

Good luck!
Ozgur Basak Alkan


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