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Floating architecture
I am doing a seminar on floating architecture. Please provide any related link, information, images, examples, illustrations and opinions.
Moazzam Kazi
Floating architecture
Hi Moazzam,

Did you know of the orchestral boat designed by Louis Khan? It is basically a boat that houses an orchestra and that travels from coast to coast. Once docked, a side of it opens up to form a concert stage and the audience can sit on the pier or the dock.

I could not find any images of this boat on the internet, but there's a section devoted to it in Nathaniel Kahn's movie My Architect.
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Floating architecture
Hello Moazzam,

There are two Concepts that are of inspiration under this topic. Both were presented at the Future House London Competition so you might also be interested to read up some more in

The house in the picture is by Niall McLaughlin Architects and the other is by Marcin Panpuch.

Good Luck
Ruqayya Tofa
Floating architecture
Thanks, Ozgur Basak & Ruqayya, thanks for the illustration. I will definitely find out the boat by Louis Kahn and also details of those floating houses.

But, actually, floating architecture also involves water structures like land-filled, piled or wet-feet. For example, Kansai Airport in Japan, Palm beach Island, Dubai's
Burj-al-Arab Hotel, Jumeraha Beach Dubai.
Moazzam Kazi
Floating architecture
Apart from all the examples given above, I have an interesting live example existing from ages: the house-boats of Kashmir (India).
Vidhu Saxena
Floating architecture
I know the design of a floating hospital. You can find it in the book 'Future hospitals,competitive and healing' ISBN 90-8517-033-8

Kind regards

Paul Boluijt
Paul Boluijt
Floating architecture

In early summer 2001 the Danish Ministry of Culture invited submissions to an international competition for architects to design a new playhouse for the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen -- in an area of the harbour called Kvæsthusbroen, where the ferries to and from Oslo and Bornholm currently dock. It is quite unique to Copenhagen, and a powerful and charming sight, that two huge ships sail straight into the heart of an age-old city. Now the ferries will lie at anchor elsewhere, and in their place a theatre will be built.

The competition lists the foundation costs for 5 different locations on the site - ranging from 27 to 64 million. Establishing the construction site, draining grounds and piling are essentially money lost before getting the first m2 of the theatre.

Details of this project, and much more, are to be found on this website:
Salem Yousif Al Qudwa
Floating architecture
tahnks vidhu, i m taking the examples of kashmiri boat houses, actually it is he bigining of floating structures.i also would like to thanks prashant for his feedback and suggesion. and specially i m very thank ful to Paul Boluijt for providing me illustration and salem yusif for theater example. friends i m very thankful to all you. really i had not expected this much response from you guys. if you can me send some data or images or links you can also send on my email.
Moazzam Kazi
Floating architecture
im doing dissertation on floating would b really helpful if u can mail me information,case study related to it...
my email id
Aparna Kuls
Floating architecture
I am doing thesis topic on the same . Any help would be appreciated.
Natasha Kumar
Floating architecture
Moazzam, You can add "floating hospitals" to your list, because hospital ships can service a large eare because they can easily be berthed in a port or anchored offshore.
Frank John Snelling


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