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Civil engineering and architecture
Is there any degree course for civil engineers whose want to pursue a career in architecture?....
Rizwan Karim
Civil engineering and architecture

I'm a student of architecture and I'm not very sure weather an engineer can do masters in architecture. However, in India, you can try out the options from IIT. They provide a masters programme in building and construction management, M. Des. (Masters in design) from Kharagpur. To apply the minimum requirement is to hold a B.E. or B. Arch. and apply for the GATE examinations. Check out on their site for more info.

All the best,
Rujuta Ranade
Civil engineering and architecture
There is a course called `architectural-engineering'. I remember friends from South India with such degrees. However do not have details, you can search around for it.

Alternatively as suggested in previous post, try for architecture course in integrated colleges / universities (where you have many pther departments also like civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, etc.)
Chitradeep Sengupta
Civil engineering and architecture
HI, Rizwan!
I have seen people at IIt campus with Civil Engg background and doing masters in Urban and Rural Planning from Architecture Department. I am not quite sure about Masters in Architecture.
P Das
Civil engineering and architecture
Architecture is definitely a field that could use some civil engineer-architects. But, unfortunately, a civil engineer can only become an architect after doing bachelors in architecture for the degree of B.Arch, in order to become an architect. There is no other way :(
Hassan Sarmad Toosy
Civil engineering and architecture
To the best of my knowledge, only Masters in Planning degrees allow non-architects. Masters in Architecture (Urban design, landscape, etc.) is not meant for non-Architects.
Chitradeep Sengupta


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