Building Technology
Portable architecture
I just want to know can portable architecture create a flexible structure to match prefabricated building components like precast wall panels? Thanks.
Dickson Oon
Portable architecture
My personal opinion is that precast structures belong to the 20 century. They're too heavy and very difficult to manage. Any construction element that exceeds the human capability to manage it by his own hands is normally a bad solution.

We repaired a 25,000 dwelling development done with precast panels, and the amount of problems that arose with the joints, insulation, structural iron frames, etc.were enormous.

We are in the 21st century, so my advice is to thik a little further about the kind of materials to be used. Structural plastics with strong resins and alluminium could be something very interesting for the future.
As far as I know, NASA is developing buildings like balloons that inflate just when they reach the ground.

This may be too much for Earth's buildings, but if you follow this path I am sure you will find something interesting for your thesis.
Pepe Arenas
Portable architecture
Thanks Pepe Arenas,

I quite agree with you, but before I start my research on these resins and aluminiums, may I know what the most critical problems for pre-cast constructions are?

I am lacking site construction experience, and I have yet to study the disadvantages of pre-cast structures. As you know, pre-cast building system have contributed much to communities' needs, and therefore it would not be easily rejected by the community.
Dickson Oon


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