Sustainable Design
Green architecture
I would like to discuss green technology for mass housing.
Shahnawaz Gulab Husain
Green architecture
Okay. Discuss.
Shiraz Allibhai
Green architecture
I exactly dont know what this green technology is about. Can u elaborate and explain me what it is all about ??
Himanshu Choudhary
Green architecture
i think u must be clear about what actually discuss about. either u wanna discuss green architecture in genral, energy efficient design, bioclimatic oppertunities in design or just the new technology to improve occupants genral needs.
Ahmed Ali
Green architecture
not much to discuss,use solar energy where possible,passive elements in design and green foliage offered by the local habitat at particular site.good-luck.
Dushyant Nathwani
Green architecture
i think he wants to discuss architecture wid a green tea :)))))) just kidding Shahnawaz
Arshad Siddiqui
Green architecture
Hi all
Green architecture can be termed, as the need of the hour, as damages to the ozone layer is obvious to all of us. Architects are to pay a great attention to the preservation of their surrounding natural environment while designing their buildings.
In short, any architecture can be called as GREEN--- if it considers following few themes—
Conserving energy i-e Energy efficiency in building while focusing on minimizing the fuel consumption.
Working with climate: buildings should be designed to work with climate and natural energy sources.
Minimizing new resources: Building materials should have the capacity of sustainability-e mud and wood r sustainable in their characters as they can be used again and again for hundreds of years, thus minimizing the use of resources.
Respect for users: architects must involve their client’s behavior while designing their buildings for a better result. Attention should be given to the effects of materials on users health. And last but not least is ---- Respect for site.

In my opinion the above mentioned few themes may help architects to go for green approach in architecture.

I would like to recommend a book on green arch for interested architects. Try to find (Green Architecture: Design for a sustainable future by Brend and Robert Vale, Thames and Hudson, London) it’s an interesting book.
Thanks to all
Inam Ul Haq
Green architecture
I think that Green Architecture for Mass housing can be discussed only w.r.t. Local Site conditions. As it attempts to conserve natural resources and rejuvinate it.

Examples can be mud houses of Africa, Saharas & India (Mud can be recycled for various other uses)

Use of industrial wastes like Flyash (as long as they are NOT harmful),.. etc.

The problem is that local site conditions vary a lot from region to region w.r.t. Climatic requirements, soil conditions, history of building practises, etc.

Hence it becomes all the more important to discuss such issues w.r.t local site conditions.
Chitradeep Sengupta


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