Theory and Criticism
What is deconstruction?
I know it is a movement in architecture, but why did it start? who started it? Where? And what is the theory? What makes me define or say that this design is a deconstruction?
Sarah El Mohdar
What is deconstruction?
DECONSTRUCTION: The metaphysics of presence. To deconstruct a text is to draw out conflicting logics of sense and implication. What is decon?

1. First and foremost, an activity of textural close reading.
2. It is philosophical in the sense that it deploys a distinctive mode of argument in raising certain problems about knowledge, meaning and representation.
3. It is not an architectural metaphor, but
4. a thought at work.
5. From the beginning it deconstructs the construction itself.
6. For architecture to enter post Hegelian condition we must move away from rigidity.
7. It is not just a variant on familiar post modern theme
8. It is pushing against the limitation of theory to produce a form of critical discourse.
9. It is not a theory of meaning but it does involve claims about meaning.
10. It is always taking place
11. but is not any type of metaphor.
12. To deconstruct architecture is perhaps starting to think of it as an artifact.
13. The deconstruction of one involves the deconstruction of another
14. It provides a frame in which it is possible to establish a distance.
15. It is a consideration of human condition: misery, disease, happiness, poverty, isolation, phobias, social conditions, etc. An unsettling disturbance.
16. Deconstruction is a conception of philosophy is identified with the history of metaphysics.
17. It is an awareness of the inscribed privileges inhibit our thinking about art, architecture, philosophy, humanity and criticism.
18. Deconstruction allows us to look at the issues which have been repressed.
19. Deconstruction doesnt mean for example that we have to destroy something which is built. (Derrida)
20. Deconstruction never ends. And so on ..............
Mustafa Kanishka
What is deconstruction?
it is a certain psychological disorder where chaos either ordered or not come to express a certain emotional disturbance in architecture or art.
Paul Moawad


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