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New form of history museum
I am the founder of The Avenue of National History Development Group. We are a loosely affiliated group of professionals, educators, developers and historians endeavoring to create the first Avenue of National History.

Our plan to create an Avenue of British History in the UK received Phase I approval from the Millennium Commission in Great Britain, but distance and lack of funding were too difficult for our informal group to overcome.

We continue to try to create An Avenue of American History on our own soil.

An 'Avenue' can be created in any country by the people of that country. Although we are totally non-political, with absolutely no religious affiliation, it might be said that the Avenue is a democratic concept, in the sense that a country's history will be told and re-evaluated by the people of that country, not by outsiders and not by government officials and not by historians per se.

The facility expands in 25 year increments, that is, on a generational basis with a Hall of History and its Garden added every quarter century. We are seeking individuals in other countries and this country who may be interested in working to create An Avenue of (insert your country) History in your country, or who like the idea enough to contribute to the group's efforts to create the first AVENUE. You can have our idea to implement the program yourselves or could ask us to serve as your advisors.

Anyone interested should email me and I will be pleased to send some preliminary information.

Personally, I believe this would be a wonderful cultural adventure for any country but particularly for any 'new' nation that wishes to commemorate its birth or rebirth through this new form of Incremnental Museum. We are also currently exploring the idea of creating such museums digitally -- but!! we believe that nothing takes the place of 'place', an actual physical site preserved for posterity. You might call our members World Citizens. Our focus is education and entertainment with the side-benefit of tourism development but we are POSITIVELY NOT a Disney-like profit-oriented endeavor. IDEAS MATTER !

Joel Levinson
New form of history museum

I am a forth year student of architecture. I find your idea of an heritage avenue very interesting; could you give me some details of exactly how will the project be implemented? I am thinking of taking it on as my thesis topic.
Mugdha Yelkar
New form of history museum

I am not happy. I can remember being taken in 1979 to "The Park of Glorious Achievements of the Soviet Union" in Moscow.

This avenue museum idea smacks of being a combination of state bureaucracy, Disney history and manipulative political correctness.

In a nutshell, "1984 Utopianism". :(
Frank John Snelling


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