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Senses and architecture
Architecture has been regarded to be the mother of all arts. this art(??) in general touches upon innumerous (perhaps maximum) aspects of our life.

All the experiential aspects of our life are governed by our abilities (or inabilities) for the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste & smell.

Is it a matter of debate that practically architecture DOES directly relate to all our five sensory experiences?

It is to be emphasized upon that whatever senses we include in architectural experiences as discussed above have got to be the ones which an architect keeps into mind as aspects of his design!

What are the examples which establish the not-so-easily-witnessed sensory experiences in architecture?
P Das
Senses and architecture
Hi Prashant,
The visual aspect is what we take notice of, mostly. others senses add to our experince but in a more subtle ways. we can comprehend them all conciously and add to our experience. I recall,I was once passing by a school .A large group of students was outside(waiting for their bus, i guess). i rode past on my cylcle but i felt that sumthing was wrong...then i realised the silnce was odd. so many children and abolutely quiet?? It was a school for deaf and dumb children.
Designing for other senses(other than visual) becomes all the more important when design this sense is absent.
Do you know of any architect's work in this field?
Minu Agarwal


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