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Fresher pay scale
Having looked at the architectural scenario in India and generally, I have concluded that freshers in the field of architecture are paid as low as 6000 Rs in the begining of their careers. Can anybody explain to me the logic of it all?
Arpita Ray
Fresher pay scale
Hi Arpita,

I faced the same problem when I graduated about two years ago. Freshers, especially females, are paid very low in Lahore. Male architects are high in demand and they are in shortage as most of the students in architectural institutions are females. It is very frustrating... I hope some senior could give an explanation to this question.
Shama Anbrine
Fresher pay scale
The scenario of low pay scale is going to change soon. All of us freshers should not looe our heart. First thing we should not forget is that we are at our learning stage. After gaining confidence and perfection, we can demand as much we want.
Sandeep Agrawa
Fresher pay scale
Hey, thanks for the response.

That's not the case in India. Men and women get paid the same, but I guess we shouldn't lose hope. Like someone said, we are in the learning stage. So, keep connected.
Arpita Ray
Fresher pay scale
Hello Arpita,

I second what Prashant has been trying to explain. The scenario is not as grim as it has been portrayed to us in general, perhaps by our seniors and peers.
Even in the most competitive of the enviroments, i have realized that employers are willing to pay higher, IF you turn out be a real time asset for them. They simply cant afford to lose you - which you come to realize in 5 to 6 months in the job.
As far as the industry (construction) is concerned, the stakes go up exponentially as you gain experience, skills, & have the potential.
So cheer up.
Abhay R. Ambati
Fresher pay scale
I disagree to all my friends' viewpoints. It all depends on the region where you decide to practise.
It varies from North to South India.
According to me, the pay scale for freshers is good and high in Delhi.

Then i feel it's Banglore, then Chennai.
And the poorest is in Aamchi Mumbai. I don't know why.

I know some of my friends started their pay scale as low as 2500-3000 Rs. It's a joke on the profession itself. I was lucky enough to start with a decent pay scale of 10000 Rs., so why this variation? Only because you're lucky ?
Girish Pillai
Fresher pay scale
When I started as a apprenticeship in Hyderabad, students were expected to work for architecture firms full time from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm without any pay.
And the starting salary after graduation was dismal, ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 Rs. Architecture firms should be ashamed for giving peanuts and stealing the labour of the the fresh graduates.

I dont think conditions have improved much in Hyderabad after 6 years. People are still paid 2-4,000 at present. But undoubtedly it is the lowest paid profession, unless one has their own projects to start with or has parents who can support their living.
Praveen Reddy
Fresher pay scale
I have two points of view to this concern, and I would like to share them here. I understand about the learning curve, but does it warrant a salary of Rs. 1500 - Rs. 2500?

First, the situation mentioned about Mumbai is true, I graduated in 2006 and was working for a paltry rs 2500 for the first 8 months after which (I should be happy) my salary was raised to rs 6000.

This scenario is pretty much the same everywhere, specially at renowned architect's offices, probably due to the reason that they are well aware of students willing to work for less.

Secondly, the problem lies with us too, we should quote reasonable salaries as fresh graduates rather than thinking of ourselves as some readily available and free labor force.

I also strongly agree with what the J.J. School of Architecture at Mumbai has done at their placement day this year. They stipulated that the minimum salary offered by architectural firms should be Rs. 7000 and nothing less for trainee students.
Sarang Gokhale
Fresher pay scale
The real problem lies with the 'valuation' and 'branding' of our own work.
The market runs on 'needs' and 'hopes'.... Once the company 'needs' you .. you can start demanding.
You have to learn to start demanding after you have created a place for yourself. Architects earn in crores in India....Many come back from abroad citing the great potential and cheap and wonderful talent India has to offer. You are what you think of yourself.
You can also think in a positive manner. Low starting salaries would help you to start your own office later. There will never be a talent shortage in India.
Best of Luck to all of us :)
Zoheb Kherada


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