Sustainable Design
Earth sheltered structures
Hi friends, I am working on design of earth sheltered commercial structure, but to lack of data I'm not able to proceed further, not even getting case-studies, please help me out.
Ambari Mohite
Earth sheltered structures
Look at the work of Fabrizio Carola in West Africa, CRATerre, or ADAUA.
Shiraz Allibhai
Earth sheltered structures
hi friend, great subject to work upon. this is shuchita from mumbai. i can share information with you. however, you will have to be more elaborate on your subject
Shuchita Ukidave
Earth sheltered structures
you can find information on Carola at Carola Web page or in Aga Khan Prize. On next future I am going to publish a short book on Kaedi Hospital by Carola.
Valerio Valeri
Earth sheltered structures
I have probably some informations for you, tell me about the location (country, climate...) of your project.
Do you need architectural details, temperature response, sociologic studies... ?
Olivier Huet
Earth sheltered structures
hi ambari ...
i have been trying to find out about earth sheltered and underground structures ( and their application esp. in india ) for a long time now. Even my thesis topic was initially based on that .. I would be happy if i can help u in any way ....but let me know the details of your focus of study. Your site and the kind of details u want to have.


Shrikar Bhave
Earth sheltered structures
hi Olivier,

I have been studying Earth sheltered structures and their applications in indian context.

Climate in which which i think it would be most successfull is hot and dry ( western india )

I would like to know from you , which books/projects/websites should i refer to for architectural details .... which could be sustainable and if possible cost-effective.
Shrikar Bhave


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