Historic Preservation
Cultural complex and restoration project
Dear net-mates!

I am working on the following project and I like to see what others have done in similar situations.

"design of a large culture complex(7000 sqm) next to a Safavid caravanserai whose restoration and rehabilitation of it is also covered"

I have searched the Archnet Database but if you know any project (link or name) please let me know...

Thanks in advance.

in the picture, red is caravansary and white area is the site.
Babak Gholizadeh
Cultural complex and restoration project
Edirne has a restored caravanserai, now used as a hotel and which is surrounded by souks, now mostly selling touristic goods: Rüstempasa Kervansarayi.
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Cultural complex and restoration project
Hi friends... I am anticipating to do my under graduate thesis on exactly the same kind of project but in India, so can you help me please??
Vidhu Saxena
Cultural complex and restoration project
Not to take you as a posterchild of the phenomenon oft found on this forum, Vidhu, but what does "help me please" supposed to mean?!! Help you with WHAT?

You, who has experience of this forum, should be a good example to other students by elaborating on what your project is and what you need help on!
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Cultural complex and restoration project
Hello Mr. Ozgur,

I understand that my reply must have been seen by you as a ant of "spoonfeeding", but then this is not the case... I have done quite a reasearch on my topic "adaptive reuse" and have also got a string of projects, like the ones in Central India. In fact, I also floated two discussion topics in this regards, actually what indeed are the project details.

I think know I have made my point more clearer...
Vidhu Saxena
Cultural complex and restoration project
Not really, Vidhu, it's not any clearer.

I have been following the trajectory of your discussion forum postings and I know where you began, that's why I'm frustrated with your recent unfocused postings. (In fact, if you go back to the beginning of your conservation topic, you'll see that I was the one who suggested that you look for the specific keyword 'adaptive reuse').

Now, what I hope that you would do is spend a bit more time when you post and really explain what you are working on and what information you need and where you're stuck, or, share the insights that you've gained. A simple "help me plz!!!" does not work.
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Cultural complex and restoration project
Hello sir,

Well, the fact is that... even after discussing so much and even converging to "Adaptive Reuse" and the project, thats "Orchha", I am yet to find some essential details like:

site area&
new additions proposed

Actually I have to submit my thesis brief by tomorow and I am just over with exams, so now I will have more time to actually search. And, yes, I am really thankful to you for your continuous and enlightening support all through.
Vidhu Saxena


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