Sustainable Design
A habitat which is 'alive'
i am working on a thesis with regards to a
habitat which is alive
i called it the 'living' habitat, a literally
'living' one.
one which understands and responds to the user in
all ways. as well as to the environment, creating
a sustainable habitat. similar to an organism in
the ecosystem.
i see our habitats now as parasites to the
ecosystem.our habitats are also not responsive,
not customized to the user.
if given the choice, how would you want your
'living' habitat to respond to you, or your
how would you feel to live inside a living
would you treat your habitat as a pet or even
do you think technology will enable us to achieve
this someday?
Boo Chung Ang
A habitat which is 'alive'
This is an interesting question and raises even more interesting questions. Where I would begin is first to understand does the "living habitat" respond to the needs of the individual, the community, a society, a culture or a civilisation? If it is solely the individual, how then does the interaction between "living habitats" occur? Does natural selection, survival of the fittest and evolution eventually play a role in shaping these habitats? In terms of technology we are already there. Todays automobiles can already be considered living habitats they respond to our commands, sense when we are cold or hot, help guide us, track our positions, give us information on the diagnostic systems as they relate to the upkeep of the habitat, they need to be feed and nurtured. You get the idea. Once your thesis is complete, please post it on ArchNet. I would like to read it. Good luck.
Shiraz Allibhai
A habitat which is 'alive'
Your question addresses two types of living habitats as one, and I suggest that you look at them separately. First you mention an ecologically living habitat, which is an extremely creative and promising area of research. I suggest for a starter that you look at the following websites:
But the second type that you allude to is the customized habitat. Here the examples are mostly ostentatious, Bill Gates House, George W. Bush farmhouse, and are still quite far from becoming areas of architectural research.
They are still at the level of Haute Couture for the rich and famous and blaze, and will need serious commitment on the part of architectural visionaries to address the framework of a truly customized habitat.
Which direction are you heading to?
Nasser Rabbat
A habitat which is 'alive'
i think technology could someday totally allienate us from the idea of "living" depending on how we as humans approach it. we could decide to use technology in a natural and sustainable way or we could try to approach it in a mechanical way. it all depends on what we think would benefit us in the long run. we hve our choices and decisions to make, but we always go for the ones that work the fastest and easiest way, thats one of the reasons wht we dont have much of a sustainable architecture
Bukola Tijani
A habitat which is 'alive'
This is a very big batch of questions, and I assume you mean a built habitat rather than a naturally occurring one.

If that's right, the first thing that comes to mind is the study of cyborgs (viz., cyborgology). It is possible to consider the specified living built habitat as a particular sort of cyborg, so you might be interested in reading up on that topic. There's a great deal of relevant information available on the Internet.


Bob Briggs
Westport, MA

Robert Briggs


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