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Building Regulation Codes in Egpyt/ Sinai
Does anyone know where I can find documentation or publications defining residential/ domestic building regulation codes?
ideally these would be for Sharm El-Sheikh, but if anyone has these for Cairo, it'd be very usefull.

There is nothing specific that i need, but i'd like anything relating to foundations, fire standards, window openings etc.

Hassan Ali
Building Regulation Codes in Egpyt/ Sinai
The Ministry of housing, Utlities and Urban Communities have published a set of books for the Egyptin Code of practice in different fields of construction
Hebatalla Abouelfadl
Building Regulation Codes in Egpyt/ Sinai
There is a difference between the building regulations and building/construction codes in Egypt. The first is the regulations in which building permits are issued following them, either general or special regulations. The later, what Heba mentioned, are limited for the implementation specifications of works (Moasafat Al Aamal).

You can download the General building law from

However, Sharm has an additional requirement. This should be checked with the city council.
Galal Abada


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