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Suitable house for the poor
I'm John Tibasima, student in 2nd year architecture department, Kinshasa(Congo, Democratic Republic). I'm praying and thinking about how to change the conditions of living of poor people around me or in my country. This may be a subject maybe for my thesis the next year God willing. If there are people having idea to share with me they are welcome. Don't forget that my country has a tropical climate.
John Tibasima
Suitable house for the poor
John, I think research for the sustainable house for the poor is a verry good willing idea. I pray you always get the best for it.

I think sustainable house for the poor is not only the architecture, but the continous advantage for many period of time, in specific space within an amount of "energy". This is why it is so very difficult determine what is sustainable house for the poor, how is it, etc. To make it easier for you, try to search the topic in a specific location, in a specific time, and "energy" (soul/feelings). Because, the "trio" that I was saying has a space in it. So you can't conclude that you think that is sustainable, is sustainable in every place.

My country is Indonesia. So I think I have a lot of experience about poor people. Maybe, I'm one of them.

Best wishes,
Farid Nazaruddin


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