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Architecture in Spain
Hi all, I'm currently designing a private residence in Malaysia to a European couple with Spanish styled architecture. Been browsing most Spanish architecture books, reviews etc. Any particular sites that best directs us to this style? Appreciate all your comments.
Asmadi Mohamed
Architecture in Spain
Dear Ahmad,

I'm not sure what you mean by "Spanish style" but you may also want to look into "mission-style" buildings in Northern California, U.S., for ideas. See: and

Ozgur Basak Alkan
Architecture in Spain
Hello Ahmad,

What do you mean by Spanish Style Architecture? Do you mean the Fincas? the Andalusia influence Architecture or the contemporary Architecture? Meanwhile you can take a look to Luis Barragan's work.
Maria De Morais
Architecture in Spain
It might be of interest to study Philippine architecture since the history is replete w/ Spanish influences. It would also be instructive because Malaysia has the same climate as the Philippines. One region that still has a lot of old colonial Spanish buildings is in Vigan in the northern region of Ilocos Sur.
Rey Atienza
Architecture in Spain
Hi all,

Thanx for all your replies. My kinda 'Spanish Styled' houses is what can be seen in most of Spain itself. (Through books and magazines, since I myself haven't been there) and yup, this can be seen in California as well.

And thanks, Atienza, for your info. I will look into that too..

The practical differences say for the roof overhang is that in our tropical climate, we need quite a big roof overhangs due to heavy rain and sunshine.
Asmadi Mohamed
Architecture in Spain
Then don't look at Barragan's work...
Maria De Morais
Architecture in Spain
What do you mean with Spanish, and style?

I am a Spaniard. Spanish language covers many countries and regions with very different cultures, and so, styles.
It seems that you are considering style framing a particular period of colonization, inspired in the Andalusian houses called "cortijos." In the Spain's colonies, local architectural climate-tactis and elements where added to that so-called style -- that I cannot guess yet what is exactly in your question. You should check further that concept and reflect if today it is appropriate to build a new house imitating a 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20th century "Spanish style-s." Do you wear today The Catholic Kings Reinaissance clothes or rather a shirt and jeans?

I think architecture should be thought (at least) in time.

I will be glad to tell you references about "Architecture in Spain."
Maria Prieto
Architecture in Spain
Hi Maria,

Congratulations to your countryman Fernando Alonso for winning the Italian F1 on Sunday!! I'm a big fan of him.

Totally agreed with your opinion. Basically in here, we do refer to those buildings with such details as explained by you as 'Spanish'. Maybe with some horse shoe arches, terracotta tiles, etc.

My client is currently living in Madrid. He explained that he likes their current house designs and would like to have similar architecture right here in Malaysia.

So I did some reading, studying some books and magazines and throw out the proposal as attached. Please note that the room arrangements are to suit our local climate here.

Feel free to comments. You can also email me at

Asmadi Mohamed
Architecture in Spain
The floor plan
Asmadi Mohamed


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