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Suitable highrise design
While designing a high rise building, with multifunctions, how should one avoid creating a cop out of a glossy magazine cover. By this I mean, that high rise buildings tend to become too 'universal' and don't fit or address any kind of socio-economic/political context. What should be the design parameters for an 'architecture' that is appropriate for hot humid climate (even though it will be air conditioned) and an appropriate design & materials language to fit a third world context, keeping in mind the aspects of vertical housing, sick building syndrome?
Hina Gazi
Suitable highrise design
High rise buildings are universal one cannot help much about it.
Anubandh Hambarde
Suitable highrise design
orientation of the beulding and mechanichal lovered exra walls on east and west side brings internal climate under control and efficient energy solution.more latter.
Dushyant Nathwani
Suitable highrise design
Of course, highrise is a machine. But like other architecture, human and climate is a big factor here. So locality and orientation should have some role here. Unless it would be just like importing snow-crasher machines from europe that dont match for a warm humid country.

Malaysian architect Ken Yang is doing a better job finding the language for scyscrapers in humid climatic region.
It's the responsibility for designers & technical poffs to find out the responsive building or machine whichever. and architect should play the main role, as he should always imagine and initiate.

Orientation of core, east-west wall treatment, sensitive use of material in bldg fabrication, faced treatment and use of natural force like airflow, solar radiation, solar path will be the issue to resolve the question.

And I feel lot of things to do...
Sami Al Hasan
Suitable highrise design
Hi Hina,

I'm also doing a design on high rise building now. You should find a book titled High Rise Manual by Johann Eisele and Ellen Kloft. Published by Birkhauser.

It helps me a lot especially with the building typology, design, construction and technology. The book is not that thick, only 235 pages with grey cover. I'm sure you will like it...

smile and good luck

Tengku Anis Qarihah Raja Abdul Kadir


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