Conflict and Natural Disasters
Banda Aceh, what remains?
As the 2003 ArchNet author of the two sites located in Banda Aceh, I am curious as to what significant sites have been entirely destroyed (as the Kandang Aceh) or remain for the most part in tact (such as the Masjid Baturrachman). I have seen recent photos of the Masjid Abdul Rachman, located quite near the harbour, that miraculously survived the tsunami which entirely submerged it. Some believe the building remained intact thanks to the arches of the first storey.

I would like to know anything more about what has happened to sites in Banda Aceh and what is being said about these structures and potential reconstruction.

Thank you,
Amanda Ikert
Banda Aceh, what remains?
Ozgur Basak Alkan


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