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How to be a successful architect
Hello everybody,
I have a nice question: How can I be a successful architect? Give me some advice...
Zaynab Karem
How to be a successful architect
Hi Zaynab,

Your question seems to test the satisfaction limit of a person: success as it is defined by an architect is yet to be revealed. No architect is satisfied with his work as far as I have seen. As per my experience through my academics, none of my fellow architects have admired their own design. Or, noone in the faculty stopped criticizing the architecture of the students.

If you want a lot of money you lose your architectural touch. You are then not successful. If you are sensitive to the architecture around you, you are left without any money. You are not termed to be successful then, either.

Now, the ball is in your court. Let me know where success is (money :: sensitive architecture).
Ramakrishnan Devarajulu
How to be a successful architect
Thanks for your answer Ramakrishnan. The money is not important for me. I am just a student in third year.

So, what do you have any advice for me?
Zaynab Karem
How to be a successful architect
Well Zainab, architecture is not a simple maths or not a formula that you can learn it and can become a succesful architect. Since you are a student, so one can only give you the advice that just keep your head down and work hard and at the end of the day you may become.

With regards,
Atif Ahmad Ajazi
How to be a successful architect
All i can say.... just learn to ENJOY. And everything will fall in place.... for you to become a ".........".
Subhadeep Gupta
How to be a successful architect
In my own view, success in architecture depends on 'how great and for how long can your work solve the environmental and architectural problems of its time'.

If your work fits the need of its time and solves contemporary problems of its era, you will be celebrated and you yourself will feel fulfilled. Some architects, like Frank Lyord Wright, Le Corbusier, and Eero Saarinen have had their work celebrated even up till now. To me they are successful architects. The architects of the Taj Mahal, great pyramids of Egypt, the agoras of Greece, the Collosium of Rome were and are still successful architects. The greater and longer in time your work solves the architectural problems of its time the more successful you are.

You may make millions of dollars in your architectural practice, if your work does not contribute solutions to the generational problems, you will not be celebrated and you can never be called a successful architect.
Akinboade Adejimi
How to be a successful architect
Hello Zayneb, I'm a student like you. I think that it is very difficult to be a successful architect, but at the moment we must learn with all our power, and love our job. When we become architects, we must work work work. If we want to be successful we will be it.
Ali Assoul
How to be a successful architect
Never stop dreaming and love your work even if others dont love it.... and see beauty in ugly things..
and mainly never give up...
Sara Farhat
How to be a successful architect
Hi Zaynab... I feel one's fundamentals should be thorough, it's your knowledge and the capability of finding the right solution to the problem that matters, and the success follows...
Taiyaba Munawer
How to be a successful architect
If you are still young I advise you to have a command of the languages well: Arabic, English, Persian, German and French. It is a very great council!
Jalel Almawla
How to be a successful architect
What's the success in architecture?

There are many architects who think that they're successful, but some others don't agree.

So I see that you can achieve success if you have a clear target and try to achieve it, then you will be a successful architect.
Bahaa Mohamed
How to be a successful architect

I have been a registered architect for 21 years now and have been in the professsion for over 30.

Becoming a great architect is very complex. A great architect must be a great designer, a master politician, well connected, sensible,idealistic and in the right place at the right time. All of these things must come together and it takes tremendous skill and effort because, in general, architecture, is not a common pursuit. Most people either can not afford the effort that goes into great architecture or they do not appreciate what great architecture is. Nonetheless, architecture, practiced at its highest level is a very worthy pursuit and I would not have chosen another direction for my life.

Do I consider my self a successful architect? Yes, Have I done the kind of work I hope to do? I have just scratched the surface.

The best starting place - Apprentice with a great architect.

Good luck

Frank Arvan
Frank Arvan
How to be a successful architect
Hi Zaynab!

It's a very difficult question.It's easy to say, but one needs great hard work and courage to become a successful architect.

I can give only one suggestion: always think that "SKY IS THE LIMIT".

And doing what today needs will be helpful for the coming 25 to 50 years, and what image you want to leave to the upcoming generation.

Always walk with time period to which you belong, not so fast, not so slow.
Feroz Shah
How to be a successful architect
Personally I find that knowledge is the primary criteria, subsequently incorporated with the passion of art.

Of course you need to be very sensitive to the environment. That's not an easy job to be a successful architect, because the work scopes are too huge. Personalities are another criteria, as architectd always bear the great responsibilities of running their projects.

This is the nature of the work, as they are the leader of the building or space. Architects always need to take time to experience the process. But I think you need to know about yourself, to capture your strength and further develop it and master the skill.

Some architects or designers are able to express the conceptual and carry out design development, but this doesn't mean that they can handle detailing.

Everyone has their personal strength, some designers even doesn't know to produce good pieces of freehand drawing.

But we can't regard them as bad or failed designers. In conclusion, take time to experience the process.
Yg Hui
How to be a successful architect
dear Zaynab,

it all depends what you consider "successful":
a sincere citizen, sincere professional, sincere designer, sincere family person- ...the perfect balance of all these things make you a good human...and if you become a blend of perfect human, you are successful...
Ashish Srivastava
How to be a successful architect
I think that your own culture has an influence on being a good architect or not, after all, design- and architecture in particular- is a cultural product.
Hani Alqahtani
How to be a successful architect
Bro. Zaynab Karem,
Assalamu Alaikum

Join any constrction industry, work along with a architect honestly, contribute your efforts in understanding the subject and relentless zeal to acquire knowledge in architecture will certainly take you towards becoming a successful architect. Initially you may have to work on very very small projects. But, in case you work under an able architect, then nobody can stop you from becoming a successful architect.

Azmathulla Shariff
Azmathulla Shariff
How to be a successful architect
Hello Zaynab Karem,

What a range of answers you have had, and all of them are right. Success in architecture depends of the the point of view. If the building stands and does not fall over, then the engineering aspect and design of the building was a success; if the cost of the building came in on budget, then the financial parties would deem it a success; if the social impact your building has on society is what was expected, then that aspect was a success; if the management of the site and the tradesmen was well done, then that is called a accomplish all of these things and have happiness and a feeling of accomplishment within your own self, then you are on the road to being a successful architect.

It does not matter how big a project is, it does not matter how much money you were paid for the job, it does not matter how many of your fellow students were impressed or how many of your old professors gave you the nod of does not matter a jot.

If you are not happy with any of your projects, then you have failed yourself, and as Frank Lloyd Wright always did:

he dreamt, thought, lived and left a part of himself in every project he every worked on. And that is the making of a successful architect, or at least that is what I think. And I am having fun as a architect.

ciao for now,
David Michael James Davies


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