Theory and Criticism
Thesis: Music and architecture
I will be beginning my thesis research within the next few weeks and it seems that there are very few resources about this topic available for review. If anyone has any reliable sources that could be of any help, I would greatly appreciate it.
Sommer Torabi
Thesis: Music and architecture
Not resources, but personal experience.
We (me with 2 other friends) made a project for the Theories of Architecture course that tries to show a link between music and architecture.
The result was nice, and it showed that there are certain exchangable concepts between music and architecture.
We weren't professional musicians, but hey... :)
The project is a multimedia presentation that plays a demonstration made of a music with a visual link to architecture...
Wessam Bahnassi
Thesis: Music and architecture

One of my friends has just done his thesis on music and architecture at the National College of Arts Lahore. He can be a source of guidance.

Secondly, I recommend to you the writings of Vitruvius (Ten Books of Architecture), Libeskind and Bernard Tschumi.

Thirdly, I recommend that you should learn music that gives you the best understanding of the relationship between music and architecture.

Lastly I say this: That the statement "Architecture is music frozen" is always misintepreted. So be careful.

Mansoor Ahmed
Thesis: Music and architecture

I don't have any reference but I can tell you to see the thesis "Architecture & music " written by Hesam Aldin Seraj.

Seraj graduated from Shahid Beheshty University of Iran. You can see him and ask him about your thesis. He is now a popular traditional singer & by the way he teaches the art & music in Tehran University in Faculty of Fine Arts.

Best regards,
Ehsan Gholamzadeh
Thesis: Music and architecture
Hi Sommer,

This topic is very dear to me. I did a graduate level thesis on Residential music school with special reference to the same topic. My approach was to search what in the architecture affect the musician and listener. What are the aspects which affect the ultimate expression of an artist? During this quest I came across many Indian classical musician the striking revelation was that most of them were insensitive towards architecture. Thus I decided to go further deep and understand the concept of space a musician creates through music. Because any music though starts with infinite imagination but at the end comes down to finite (if not spatial) boundaries. My approach was to meet, talk and observe. The reason was same there isn't much literature about it. Thus I met at least 50 musicians some what 100-150 music students all across India. I tried to see and analyze at least 10 music institutions and read about 20 more odd institutions of music.

The conclusion was to relate Music and Architecture by understanding of the commonalities between them. Many people say rhythm is common, few say harmony is common, some said colors are common (each note each RAGA in Indian classical music is associated with a color) and some said spatiality is common. But my thought was that there are only two things which creates commonality across all forms of creative knowledge is intimacy with nature and sense of proportions.

Proportions and its sense only make anything beautiful and the person who can sense it becomes aesthetic. Thus I think if you want to read MANSAR (ancient text of VASTUSHASTRA) it talks about the knowledge of proportions. And meet people learn music and experience architecture musically.
Anubandh Hambarde
Thesis: Music and architecture
Hi, yes I know Mr. Hesam Aldin Seraj, but not as my friend, and he graduated from Shahid Beheshti University in Iran. As I know, his final project was about this topic, and he got an excellent point for his MS diploma, too. By the way, I think you need to understand geometry in buildings and music. And try to understand the harmony between them. Also, all examples are not successes and there are only a few buildings that you can match with music harmony.

Good luck,
Ali Tahernian
Thesis: Music and architecture
Hi friend... I think looking at Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001) theory of thinking is good for your concepts. He gave the shape not form from his personal music in his architectural ideas. Take a look at his writings.
Hamid Reza Sabbaghi
Thesis: Music and architecture
Conference June 8-10, 2006

Look at Reyerson Universy in Toronto's website:

After October 31st the date paper proposals are due, you might be able to find some new up to date thoughts on music and architecture.

The conference uses Pamphlet Architecture 16: Architecture as a Translation of Music (1995) as a point of departure with the premise that there has been very little published that discusses the realtionship of the two disciplines and hopes to update the work explored.
Liz Martin


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