Theory and Criticism
Local issues of art and architecture in its global representation
How are local issues of contemporary art and architecture represented and mediated in international context?

Being situated in specific local contexts contemporary art and architecture are at the same time presented and discussed ininternational exhibitions and publications, e.g. the 'Balkan' exhibition series.

On the other hand looking at the representation of architecture it seems to me that the surrounding is ignored or left out, e.g. the urban environment of Mexico City which is usually not associated with modernist buildings such as the Casa Barragán.

What I think may be interesting here is to examine the difference between the way art related issues are represented globally and how they are discussed locally. Any other questions and different approaches are most welcome.
Fouad Asfour
Local issues of art and architecture in its global representation
I agree that art in general and architecture specifically are appreciated differently in different settings, such as a local and an international setting.
There are many aspects of life that affect the form and details of the architectural outcome such as the economic, and social contexts. These aspects cannot be understood by people who do not live them , so they cannot actually capture their spirit or value.
Therefore, I think international architecture presentations should be initiated by a background of key information that sets up the understanding of the conext in which it takes place..that would narrow the gap, but would not fill it.
Nada Ishaq


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