Building Technology
Green architecture
Searching for any kind of books, short courses, degrees, diplomas, on-line courses, workshops or even seminars that might be taking place in the near future on 'energy efficient/green architecture'.
Hina Gazi
Green architecture
Hina - the following websites may provide the information you are looking for:

Sustainable Architecture, Building and Culture
Ec0-Architecture 2006 Conference
Green Architecture and Sustainable Living

Shiraz Allibhai
Green architecture
salam hina! do you speak urdu?

green'fall' semi detatchable roofs [ wooden shateers[lantils]...

Mud Palaces / Coververtable /movable life ,like past..Tight Charpais[Beds] woven chairs..self stiched cushions...

In USA it is like hi economy !
Sher Saddozai


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