Educational Design
Interactive spaces in educational campuses
I have been thinking a lot about the kind of interactive spaces given in eductional buildings. Sometimes not given at all, but even when they are given they are highly inadequate or badly designed.

I am interested in doing a thesis that involves interactive spaces and also want to deal with the above topic in my dissertation. I plan to study the different kinds of interactive spaces in educational campuses and do a few case studies of appropriate and inappropriate spaces. Please help. You can also mail me at
Nandita Mehrotra
Interactive spaces in educational campuses
Hi Nandita,

I like your topic, but then before going any further, you must realize that educational institutes are of different types, depending on the level of education they impart, like at school level, college level or university level. Moreover, the campuses may be of residential or non residential types, and you need to decide whether they will only cater to students, or also to staff.

More later,
Vidhu Saxena
Interactive spaces in educational campuses
Thanks Vidhu.

I wish to concentrate on institutes of higher learning, or universities, as you term them commonly.

Moreover, I am planning to concentrate on the provision of interactive spaces in the academic wing of the campus. I am not clear as to whether it will be strictly a residential or non-residential campus. But, I'll probably choose residential, since all major institutes of the country are of a residential nature.
Nandita Mehrotra
Interactive spaces in educational campuses

There is a wealth of information being developed these days on 'learning spaces' or the contemporary classroom which has now evolved into interactive, collaborative learning environments. I believe this concept is also being developed in the corporate world in light of distributive working spaces. The new paradigm seems to be technology - wireless, computing, interactive etc.. that is promulgating the revisiting of traditional classrooms or collective learning/working environments.

You may refer to the I-campus initiative, plazma initiative, athena student collaborative spaces and the Teal classroom on the MIT campus. Information on these should be readily available on the mit webpage -

Hope this helps - I can refer you to some texts in case needed.

Anubhav Gupta
Interactive spaces in educational campuses
Thanks Anubhav, I saw the site some other time in some other context, but I definitely remember some virtual tours about their campus. I shall definitely see and study the MIT campus on the site.

One more interesting site that I have seen relating to campus design was the university if California, Berkeley website. I have also seen a campus design book by Kanvinde, but it doesnt seem to have anything very useful...

I would be of great help if you could send the names of books.

Nandita Mehrotra
Interactive spaces in educational campuses
I finished off with my dissertation and am actually preparing the seminar. Because there was no electricity when I went to give the seminar, I'll probably give it next week.

Well, can you guys help me to find a thesis project (design thesis) related to an educational institute?
Nandita Mehrotra
Interactive spaces in educational campuses
Check out the projects of Koichi Nagashima in Japan.
Arusree Mohanty
Interactive spaces in educational campuses
Hello, Nandita Mehrotra
I am in my final year of architecture now and I have chosen the same topic as you interactive spaces in a design school. Could you please send me a copy of your dissertation for reference? Also i would like to know what case studies you'd picked...
Chaitanya KK
Interactive spaces in educational campuses
Hey. I am working on how spaces in educational institutes can have a negative impact on the students, and also on interactive spaces. If anyone could help me out that would be great!
Muzna Shahzad
Interactive spaces in educational campuses
Muzna, Several years ago (or maybe more) a new library was built in the town of Oxford in England and from the description that all of the several floors were internally balconied and therefore all of the floors were open to one another.

Now while this sounds like an interesting design, I would imagine that the constant background noise of conversations form all of the fllors together would be distracting to those students who study quietly, and so the design is inappropriate for a library.
Frank John Snelling
Interactive spaces in educational campuses
Dear Nandita, the idea may be quite abstract, but why not also look at the early medieval schools of learning - like Taxila, Nalanda, Vikramshila... These spaces, thought with much less ammenities, but with the sheer quality of environment shaping or what you can call the simulated ambiance could give you some ground for argument ... Also, do read about psychology of spaces - it will help in developing the quality of the built space for learning ... Hope it helps ...
Somi Chatterjee


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