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Child friendly spaces in Kashmir
Hi, I'm doing a project on creating child friendly spaces for Kashmiri youth (0-13) in settlement camps in Jammu. But first I have to understand the culture amongst the youth. In other words, what activities, games, rituals, tastes, etc. specifically for children. Can't seem to find any on the net. Anyone with any information or bibliography? Thanks.
Helen Lee
Child friendly spaces in Kashmir
Perhaps information on site planning just for children in refugee camps. Trying to come up with a set of guidelines. What kind of information do you have?
Helen Lee
Child friendly spaces in Kashmir
Hi Helen,

Check out "Pattern Language" by Christopher Alexander" on children's spaces. Chapters include children in the city, children in play etc. If you could identify one chapter on children on this book, it is neatly networked to other chapters and will pass on some more info.

As I could understand childrens' spaces, there is one concept; the hierarchy of spaces have to be followed: "semipublic:semiprivate:private".

Enclosed spaces with combination of soft and safe borders is a must. I will refer some more and let you know. The above info on rituals, tastes, may not be present.
Ramakrishnan Devarajulu


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