Building Technology
In search for technical foundation in architecture
For a doctor, it is of paramount importance to know the uses of each and every medicine before giving them to patient. Similarly is it not necessary for an architect to be fully equpped with technical knowledge i.e; the science of building?

There are many websites on the internet with lot of complicated formulae to teach structures and basis of building science. But I am in search for websites which can guide students and also at the same time fresh graduates who are equally handicapped in regards to knowledge of building's technical aspects.

So is there a website which explains all the science of building step by step just only for architects but not designed for structural engineers or civil engineers so that we can catch the theme of structures of innovative technologies easily. I am feeling undernourished without it. Can anybody help?
Manish Desai
In search for technical foundation in architecture
Manesh, Try reading "Structures, or why buildings don't fall down." by Gordon, published by Pelican Books, in 1987.
Frank John Snelling


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