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Housing project on sloped site
Hi all,
I'm in my 4th year, I have a housing project, I want to design it as terraces on slope on a hectar, I like to know what's the steps of design and if anybody has any webs or images for terrace projects.
Ibrahim Karsou
Housing project on sloped site
Hi Ibrahim

I like also to work on sloped sites. My main point when I work with sloped site is that the building should follow the slope and it should look like naturally grown. The major problem with slope site is circulation and ventilation (lighting) but it depends on how sloped the site is, so you have to give big attention to these factors. But it is good for drainage, view, and a bit to height restriction. Good luck,
Ephrem Gebremedhin
Housing project on sloped site
Hi Ephrem,

When you design any thing, you have to give the place its identity. If you work on a sloped site, you have to give the building you are designing a slope image.

I live in Nablus city, it contains two mountains and the buildings here don't respect the skyline of the city, so one feels that the city is confused. It is key to respect the place one is working at.
Ibrahim Karsou
Housing project on sloped site
Salam all,

Ibrahim, try finding information on Tadao Ando's Rokko housing 1, 2 and 3. all built on slopes. It's purely built of exposed concrete and I think the circulation is interesting.

Saif Alsayed
Housing project on sloped site
Thanks Saif,

I have a book for his works, but thanks again for letting me notice that.
Ibrahim Karsou
Housing project on sloped site

Ibrahim, I know you, I'm in your department. Don't worry, I have some good books I think, when I see you I will tell you.

Good luck,
Ashraf Yamak
Housing project on sloped site
Hi Ibrahim,

I also need some info about housing on slope. It's really hard to work on such a site, it's especially hard to start!

Maybe you were able to cope with the problem? I found the massages while searching. Please share your ideas! Thanks a lot!
Cengiz Adam


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