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Architecture for animals
I want to promote the idea that animals too have an architecture that is generally not recognized by humans. Animals like humans occupy a space whether it is a contained space or an open one and that particular space is architecture for that particular animal. Because on a micro level we may consider architecture as just one single building, but on a large scale or macro level it is about the whole; the collective environment, that is not made of a few buildings containing humans but includes landscapes and surrounding areas that shelter animals and birds as well.

I want advice/comments/criticisms and names of books on related topics.
Andaleeb Rizvi
Architecture for animals
I think we should address the humans'
settlement and housing problems first, as
the third world is experiencing tremendious population growth.
Zulfiqar Momin
Architecture for animals
I really don't agree with Zulfiqar. Animals are living beings too, like us. In fact, they are deprived of the facilities that have been provided to us so they must be cared for more than we hypocrite human beings deserve. We are much more blessed than the poor animals, who cannot speak of their pains. Architecture for animals would be a step towards caring for them.
Amina Mahboob
Architecture for animals
Dear all,

It's not fruitful to debate whether animals or humans come first, because, obviously, we benefit from a world where animals are present, rather than all extinct.

I think, with animals, we have to focus on habitat rather than 'architecture', because most animals will live, hunt, eat, mate in a variety of different places over a season, a year, and their lifetime.

For example, protecting a pond may seem like a sufficient step for protecting the livelihood of some amphibians... Yet, we may be killing them if we built on the land directly around the pond where they lay their eggs.

Another example: We may think that a single patch of forest is sufficient for the survival for a group of bears. However, if this patch is not connected to any nearby woods where other bears are present, this group may eventually die based on the physical problems caused by inter-breeding.

This study, obviously requires a deep knowledge of the behaviors of animals. Let me throw important terminology out there for those interested in researching this interdisciplinary subject (you can find hundreds of entries on either of these on google)

    Landscape ecology is a field of science and urban planning that promotes the reconfiguration of land use patterns based on a deep knowledge of ecological processes. I recommend the book "Land mosaics: The ecology of landscapes and regions" by Richard T.T. Forman.

    Habitat creation is one of the main steps towards achieving a sustainable living environment for all animals.

Before I end, let me emphasize that there are no easy simple guidelines in this field of study, and we as architects, urbanists and landscape architects should always consult scientists in this aspect.
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Architecture for animals
Hello my name is Margarita Casado and as an Enviromental Protector I think we must build around nature and not destroy the habitats of living things.
Remember the cycle of life we all studied in Natural Science and Biology.
By destruying their natural habitats we are destruying nature.
Animals have a right to have a shelter to reproduce themselves.
Birds, were would they lay eggs if trees didnt exist? As we look at underveloped nations we noticed the massive destructions of trees and the living organisms that grow around it.
This is not a matter of providing more homes for humans but a matter of building around nature.
To protect our cycle of life.
Did you know that earth is little by little loosing its waters.
We have Villages around the world without water because of the uncontrolable deforestation that big CORPORATIONS destroy so that they can build a Village and make money $$$$$.
Stop massive destruction and build around green areas.
Protect our animals which breath and eat and suffer just like the Human Beings.
And I call all the Professors of Architect to TEACH your alumnis The Art of Conservation.
As we are little by little destroying our planet.
Save our Planet is A Global Message given to the world by Ecological Foundations such as Greenpeace in this New Millenium.
And its in the hands of Architects to help us in this difficult task of saving Mother Earth from massive destruction.
Margarita Casado
Architecture for animals

I'm Margarita again and have choosen some web pages that will inform you from a scientifical point of view the problems of Deforestation:

1) EO Library Tropical Deforestation Fact Sheet. (

2)World Wildlife Federation.(

3)Enviromental Organizations *Googles search engine

I hope this web pages will be useful and answer any questions that you might have. It was a pleasure contributing to this Forum and I want to thank all of you for caring about our Beautiful Planet.

Sincerely Yours,
Prof. Margarita Casado
Margarita Casado
Architecture for animals
Thanks Ozgur and Margarita. You people helped me a lot.

My Point in saying "Architecture for Animals" is to promote the awareness about their " Habitation" and in the end to make it an inseperable part of Architecture, because untill and unless we "Architects" take a step towards saving our environment and our 'Dwelling'(Mother Earth) it would be useless to keep on building new structures only for humans.
Andaleeb Rizvi
Architecture for animals
Respected sir,
I am a student architect from India. I am doing a research on patterns of animal habtat (built spaces). eg:honey comb formation, bird's nest, spider nets mud houses of ants etc. There are so many types in each cases. I need drawings or relevant details of how these animals create these wonderful houses of there own. If anyone knows about any books related to this, please inform me. My e-mail address:
Sharuk Khan
Architecture for animals
Dear Andaleeb,
It was a great pleasure to contribute to such HUMAINE matter and I thank you on behalf of all the Ecologist Worldwide for setting the example by making people aware of our Fragile Ecological System.
It would be interesting to continue this topic by letting us know what important things your country is/are doing to protect our Fragile Ecological System.
By doing this we open the possibilite of hearing from others what each nation is doing towards Conservation.
I hope that we can keep in touch
I remain sincerely yours,
P.S.My friends call me Margie.
Margarita Casado
Architecture for animals
Thanks Margie. For giving me your help. I wish I will be able to do something and not be someone who can just talk... and do nothing. I would like you to see this site:

If it is permitted I'd love to further develop this area and do research on it. Recently I found out that the Government has given permission to some oil companies or is about to give permission to find oil in this area. You will find further information on this topic on the net by just typing KHIRTHAR NATIONAL PARK.

We also have a birds Sanctuary at Haleji where approximately a hundred thousand birds come every year from Siberia.

I want these areas to be protected and just be listed along cities, like we want to protect Human Cities, we have to recognize that Animal Jungles are to be protected too. For this we have to understand that not just humans are living beings with a need for shelter but animals too are living creatures with a need for food n shelter. Humans just go a step further and also need clothes...:)..I know its a long way till people start accepting the fact that animals too have Architecture which needs to be protected.
Andaleeb Rizvi
Architecture for animals
Hi Sharuk Khan,
The best option for you would be to look up stuff on Animal Habitation in an encyclopedia. The life cycles are shown and explained through diagrams and charts. You'll also find stuff on net about ants and their colonies. Watch Animal Planet too. And check out a documentry "Animals are beautiful People" you'll find an amazing block of nests or you can say apartments (where hundreds and thousands of birds live in the similar way as we may live in a flat), and also find out how these sometimes 100 year old nests are destroyed due to a drop of water and sunlight. Hope you enjoy your research.
Andaleeb Rizvi
Architecture for animals
Dear Andaleeb,
Good day to you I am Margie and I would like very much to make contact with you through Yahoo Messenger.My I.D. is tibetan_moon2002.
I think that there is a lot that we can accomplish towards the conservation of our habitat and its animals.
People like us are what make the difference and make possible the changes that we want.
Please I am living in The Island of The Caribean Dominican Republic which is 9hrs difference.
I would like to chat with you to tell you of a plan I have.
Now it is 5.31 P.M. I usually are on Mondays and Tuesdays at this hour or at 4.30.
Hoping we chat soon till then
Sincerely Yours Margie
Margarita Casado


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