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Architecture & social reforms
Can social reforms be brought about by architecture? What about religiously disputed sites like the Babri Mosque site in Ayodhya? Can some sort of space be designed for both the Hindus & Muslims & still preserve the sanctity of the site? Can this socio-political issue be resolved thru architecture?
Sarah Yaqub
Architecture & social reforms
Hi Sarah,

You seam to have embarked on an age old discourse, the socio-political or indeed religious issues are, I dare say "universal" for any society concerned. Although there are limits as to how much Architecture can solve these issues, I think it's a powerfull tool with which one can provide a frame work for changes to happen or things to co-exist without one overshadowing the other.

Still, what you must understand here however, is the stake-holders. Also "Democracy" or "consultation" in Architecture is an interesting thing to think about, but that depends on it's context. You see these are intricate issues and you need to be clear of what you want to achive.

The best place to start is your self!, and you may find some sort of answers. Are you a social activist seeking change with in Architecture? do you represent one groupe or are you a mediater? what is your role as an architect?

I am from the veiw that the "TRUTH" does not exist in Architecture, aftr all buildings are objects on the landscape and people are who animate them.
Zelalem Tolla


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