Sustainable Design
Bioclimatic skyscrapers
Hello. I made a project of a bioclimatic skyscraper, developed analysing the architect Ken Yeang. I believe that this kind of architecture is our future, or present. Well, I'm looking for information and opinions about this. Thanks.
Augusto Schneiders
Bioclimatic skyscrapers
I do agree with you that the bioclimatic skyscraper will be our future. We have come to a stage where we have mastered the techniques of building construction, (the skyscrapers are examples), so I feel that making our buildings climate responsive should be the next step.

It will help us enhance architecture, which I feel is currently not very climate - responsive. It definitely will be accepted worldwide. In fact, I feel that this change to bioclimatic Building typologies should have begun long back. But we are progressing, learning something very important from Nature - adaptation....
Aftab Jalia
Bioclimatic skyscrapers
Good to know about ur project. I am also planning to do my thesis on Bioclimatic architecture considering Ken Yeang's design principle in High-rise structures.
The plan is to analyze his concepts and elaborate his ideas behind the concept by analyzing one of his building and find out the design considerations which can be useful to implement in different climatic consideration.
Please let me know if you can help me on this.
Thanks for your time.

Mahima Chowdhury


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