Sustainable Design
Building with earth
please i'd like to know if there is anyone now, amywhere in the world building with earth, or building with domes and vaults, this is my dream, to work in this field
Mamdouh Sakr
Building with earth
More or less. In Brazil, we are using earth to make popular houses, with low cost, but excellent quality. Look for "solocimento" in my country or email me.
Augusto Schneiders
Building with earth
check Abdel-wahed El-Wakil at
Abdel-Wahed El-Wakil
Building with earth
hi there.
i know one great fellow who will help u a lot but for that u may have to come to india...
he had good documantation and information and run workshops about mud architecture ...
and teach about how to build arches vaults and domes...
he will teach u how to make compressed stabilised earth blocks and compressed earth walls and foundations...
so u can contact him through hiw website.i think that will solve ur problem..
if it did not work out just tell me i will send u info about that.
i have done courses on arches vaults and domes from his building center.
and got trained there for six months
just check this link for great earth architecture.

i think this will help u surely

Mukesh Butail
Building with earth
You may also want to look at the work of Nader Khalili and his Cal-Earth Institute. I believe there may be some information on him in the Archnet digital library.
Sophia Khan
Building with earth
Faisal Charradi of Morocco has been heavily involved in this area. He is director of historic buildings in Marrakesh.
Zaki Aslan


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