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Visionary architecture
I am keenly interested to know what is visionary architecture because in my opinion anything before its built is visionary. Is this term related to virtual architecture and what is the scope of the cliental of this type of architecture?
Sitwat Saeed
Visionary architecture
Architecture can be Historical or Visionary. In historic Architecture, architectural styles of a particular era like other Arts reminds us of the past era or historic periods and events. When man goes back into history, he only remembers events, scenes arrtifacts or buildings of that era. When an architectural style reminds us of the past in this way, this is historic Architecture.
Visionary Architecture on the other hand projects us into the future. When an architectural style predicts what is to come, when people begin to appreciate the particular style after a long time of its time, this is visionary.
In most cases people do not appreciate Visionary Architecture at its design period because they are not there yet until it is ripe for them to understand. Visionary Architecture therefore predicts the architectural styles to come, the technology to use and the way people should live in such buildings in the future.
Akinboade Adejimi


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