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Thesis: Architecture and terrorism
Hi, can anyone help me in my thesis which is about designing a government building in a foreign land prone to terrorism?

I am seeking advice on how design can discourage terrorist attacks and what are the new technical advancements in the field of security systems?
Tarique Anwar
Thesis: Architecture and terrorism
I have just written an article based on the U.S. Homeland Security Dept's very lengthy PDF about designing against terrorist attacks. It's here:

May have some useful links at the end.
Peter Johns
Thesis: Architecture and terrorism

Whatever you discover, I think it is important to remember the psychological impact on the rest of the population as well. There is nothing more depressing than seeing a lot of concrete and deeply inset windows obviously designed for military defense. I am of the opinion that 'architecturally-defined' spaces have profound impacts on society and cultural development. I understand the modern difficulties in this "age of terrorism" but I still can not help but think that government buildings are in fact a form of global communication between societies and, as such they should reflect inherent social values of those societies. I am sure this is open to some debate.

Anthony Stewart
Thesis: Architecture and terrorism
I feel that safety & security are a definite part of a building.

When you get inside the building, you would not like the feeling that it is 'bombable' & 'destroyable'. I do not see a conflict between that & the social angle.

A building can be made secure without bwing overly extrovert or obnoxiously loud about its security preparedness. This technique is however used as an initial psychological barrier for protection. This factor entirely varies from society to society. More extrovert the society, more loud the building would be. More introvert the society, less loud the building would be.
Chitradeep Sengupta
Thesis: Architecture and terrorism
Hi Anwar,

I had seen a thesis report on architecture and terrorism on National Institute of Technology, Trichy (Tamil Nadu, India)...
Soosai Arul
Thesis: Architecture and terrorism
Inert design is probably the best way to discourage terrorist attacks. Inert: No direct vehicle route from boundary entrance to building. Inert: have clear open ground around the buildings. Inert: put heavy concrete blocks all around the buildings and boundary walls to stop the approach of vehicle (bombs). Inert: have small windows or no windows on the outside walls. Inert: windows have "car-glass" that fragment into chunks and not razor-sharp pieces. Inert: "Great Wall of China" gatehouse with inner walled courtyard, so inner and outer gates never open together.
Frank John Snelling
Thesis: Architecture and terrorism
dear tarique,
if terrorists want to attack, they will attack... no shape, no material, no height will matter..
they are not human... they dont think like you and me!! i think you havr to study the way they think ... and what are the procedures that get them into this state.. but lets not forgot psycology... every person has a weak point.. try to find this out....
if your interested in building design have a look at the series "24"
good luck!! :)
Katrina Goussous


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