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Earthquake resistant structures
I am interested in the design of staircases and emergency exits in high rise structures located on earthquake zones.
Sitwat Saeed
Earthquake resistant structures
hi sitwat,
before a building is constructed, the engineer must calculate the forces (structural weight, snow loads, earthquake, wind loads, etc) that the building must resist. these forces are then multiplied by factors of safety given in the building codes. these factors are higher for earthquake zones than non-earthquake zones. once the engineer knows what forces his building must resist, he can calculate the sizes and shapes of each structural member and connection. As long as the structural members and their connections can resist the forces the engineer has calculated, there is theoretically no limit to how high he can build.

building codes in the usa call for a minimum number of exits on each floor. if i remember correctly, in residential structures, every point in the building must be within 200' (maybe 300') of an exit. the taller the building is, the stricter the codes become for the number of exits and distance between exits.

i don't think there are specific design criteria for exits in earthquake zones. the structural analysis part of the design makes sure the building will resist the quake, and the accessibility requirements insure that occupants can get out of the building within a reasonable amount of time.

i hope this helps. bonnie
Bonnie Kaplan
Earthquake resistant structures
thanks bonnie
do u know any project done by architect
which is role model of new structural idea.
Sitwat Saeed


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