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Virtual architecture
What is virtual architecture?
Bardia Haidary
Virtual architecture
It is architecture that does not exist in reality, in physical form. It does exist, however, in some other form. Nowadays the electronic existence of virtual architecture is the most often. From my point of view we can discuss virtuality in historic architecture, in archeology, in literature, cinematography, etc.
Mirjana Devetakovic Radojevic
Virtual architecture
Thats architects world of fantasy where all his projects,but all even if it is imposible to realise them,are taken place.
Bakhrom Makhmadaliev
Virtual architecture
hello bardia.

it is now quite common to most people that when one mentions virtual architecture, it refers to the architecture in the cyber world. although we usually relate architecture to buildings (layman's terms), the whole context of virtual architecture lies in the cyberworld.

why does one need virtual architecture? hey, architecture is about space, and the relation to human. when we browse the need, we usually see text based browsers. but there are 3d rendered web browsers where u can browse the net in virtual reality.

but the interpretation of virtual architecture is easily confused if one tries to refer to real world architecture. i cant say how begin to differentiate between those two, but my tutor started with this...

"in the real world, space is defined by 2m x 2m. in virtual reality, space is defined in megabytes."
Azari Mat Yasir
Virtual architecture
hi bardia
i hope this book will help you to get ans for your qu
1,Bits of Cities -- Rob Kling
i hope you will get clear ideas what virtual architecture is.
Ephrem Gebremedhin
Virtual architecture
I think it is a project will be to explore alternative approaches to
vertical architecture.
cloud server
Virtual architecture
Bardia, I would say that "virtual architecture" is a fancy media word to describe the use of illumination or non-illumination (light and dark) to create or sculpt spaces.

Therefore one could say that virtual architecture is the art and science of light sources and light fittings and fixtures within spaces. :)
Frank John Snelling


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