One liners -- not a discussion!
Please note that is not a discussion and posting responses will defeat the purpose of this note complicating issues on the forum.

Being an active member of the ArchNet community, I feel the need to voice my concern. In a democratic forum such as ours, we often pride ourselves of being tolerant of every individual's expression. With that tolerance comes a certain responsibility towards other members of this community in "thinking" before posting. An opinion on every topic is not a requirement of any member -- moreover, while one liner questions may be exciting, we must exercise our responsibility to act in a collective setting to ask pertinent questions with enough background simply to respect those people taking the time to answer them. Many people seek advice stating, "My thesis is on Landscape Architecture -- can you advice?" just does not cut it. This is not targeted at any individual, although it asks everyone to 'think' before posting rather than mindlessly indulging and wasting people's time. This forum is built to question; there is a reason why people don't post "can you describe your pet" on this forum, we should respect that. I would love to collect as many words that describe an architect and now an urban designer -- but let us also go beyond that spirit in keeping with the intelligence of this forum.

My posting is not meant to be disrespectful of anyone -- it just asks people to be responsible in posting here. Ask pertinent questions, help people seeking solutions and don't indulge for the sake of discussion. I thank you for your time for reading this.
Anubhav Gupta
One liners -- not a discussion!
Note: This is a discussion forum, where people exchange ideas from each other. Commentaries expecting no responses should be posted elsewhere.

I totally agree with what you have to say but what makes you think that one line questions are "mindlessly indulging and wasting people's time". This is a discussion forum where ideas and thoughts are conveyed, no one is gonna get a PHD out of it. I understand that you must be a busy man but if you took the time to ponder these one line questions you would understand that using extra and special words doesn't always get the point across. Asking the right questions at the right time is the philosophical way.

Anyways, I'm not interested in a shouting match, people will be people and archnet discussion forum participants will be archnet discussion forum participants. They come in all shapes and sizes. You always have the choice of ignoring them.

Your point is valid but your approach is wrong. Instead of putting a seperate post of this nature, it would have been more apt if you responded in the "one line questions" and address the issue with them. Others have done this and it has worked, maybe if you give it a try, it will too.

Best Regards,
Abdul Basit Mukri
One liners -- not a discussion!

Though I strongly believe that one -liners are not a discussion matter, I am of the opinion that they are very much useful in certain ways. Let me tell you about my own predicament. After I had joined the architecture course, my relatives were asking me details about my profession. One particular aunt of mine grilled me to the maximum on this. She first asked me if I was going to become a civil engineer, town planner, interior designer, etc & if I was going to get a Bachelor of Engineering degree & so on. I gave her a verbal essay about architects but at the end of it all she said "OK you are a "civil engineer" that does interiors, garden design, etc. At that particular time I wished I had an alternate "one word" to describe architects. The point is that even now sometimes the uninformed clients atleast in Bangalore ask me who is an architect? Abdul's posting has helped me realise that an architect is not only an human being, he is a friend, as well as designer, visualiser & so on.
Mansoor Ali


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