Educational Design
Thesis: The ideal school
I am doing my thesis on a residential school. With india as my context, I have looked into the history of education and its varying philosophies... I still wonder how a philosophy can evolve the built space.

Here, I delve into my own memories as a child. What I remember most are the people, were there secret hiding places, the perfect spot, or the perfect spot? Pleasing a child is most tough, that the world I wish to create....

What are the other aspects I can look into? Suggestions, suggestion, suggestions, please.
Kavita Gonsalves
Thesis: The ideal school
Hi Kavita
well I worked in the children environment context for my first degree and I had deeply studied the children behavior first of all, seperated from the location inputs since children are equal.but then I found out how complex their world is and this complexity is built because of the older generations (us) , so You might think let them buid it by their own why not?? what shapes what elements or objects they like. cicking out the old generation world and let the child speak and see what you find..good idea is your idea of memory well also observation can help and same listining to children

I wish I helped enough (just some ideas that jump to my mind)
good luck
Alma Salim
Thesis: The ideal school
hi kavitha,
i may not be able to give to details or analysis of the behaviourial aspects of children but i thought perhaps u can do a study on the guruculs present in india. These marked the begining of education so having a study of them too may help. There is a gurucul at singeri called samskrutha patashala perhaps u can do a study on that school.
Anoop Menon
Thesis: The ideal school

I think the best approach to take is to study schools that have the students(children) come out as successful citizens. In my opinion it is teachers who make education, so also ask their opinions of what works and what doesn't, architecturally. Make a studied opinion, listen to I mean really listen to suggestions. Take the good suggestions and implement them in your thesis. Also understand the educational structure because it varies from land to land, city to city, neighbourhood to neighbourhood. In the end it is your work and effort that will make your thesis successful. Give 100% just like children are asked of.

Good Luck,
Abdul Basit Mukri
Thesis: The ideal school
hey kavita
i did my theses on the same topic!!!
it was a gr8 experience........
it was fun recollecting all those things which i liked to do as a child!!!
i wud say philosophy has got a lot to do with the evolution of design!
i suggest......come up with new ideas of teaching(in a way, manipulate the system of education of school children in ur own way). it will directly reflect upon the design of both, the school and the residential!
another thing u shud do is.......conduct a lot of interviews with children, both boarders and day boarders, alongwith their parents!!!!it will give u a lot of ideas!!!

abha mehta
Abha Mehta
Thesis: The ideal school
What kind of input will a child give? They haven't formulated an opinion about anything yet. Children are our future and adults will orient their future. Conduct surveys with people well grounded in the educational facility, children not being one of them.
Abdul Basit Mukri
Thesis: The ideal school
well...i am studying childrens behavioral aspects...i plan to adopt visual methods to work with kids....
yes,one woudl think educators would know best-perhaps the right n worngs of it....but a child-would we trust him to know his best...
i am going over a rural school near manipal, two conventional boarding schools , the valley schools in term of their philosophy...n something called a democratic school in malakkra ,kerela...the latter ones deal with children having an opinion of their own n have the sensibilities to understand their responsibilties....
for this i will have questionairews for both the management n higher aged kids...lwith smaller fellows, perhaps a drawing competition or whatever they feel a school shoul;d be like,....with this i hope to achieve the importance of spaces to children, how woudl they like them to be...
then comes the analysis of existing spces,how they r used,the detailing etc.
perhaps any child would jutst like ot be child n nothing more?
have i covered it all?
Kavita Gonsalves
Thesis: The ideal school
Hi Kavita

I am Devina Jesrani and I am now doing a thesis very similar to yours. The difference is that I want to deal with only secondary education (i.e. 5th to 12th stds).
The basic premise is the same: the manifestation of a certain philosophy into built space.
My faculty suggested that I take up one philosphy and see many manifestations; and the most apt example I can think of are the J. Krishnamurti schools.
I just want to consider a philosophy and its manifestation and not delve into behaviour of students.
Since you must have gone through a similar struggle, I would be highly grateful if you could give me some pointers.
I also wanted to know if the valley schools make for good study and if J. Krishnamurti's philosophy does get reflected spatially in them.

Thank you.

Devina Jesrani
Thesis: The ideal school

hey..this is the fianl yr of architecture...thesis topis is islamic residential school....cud u help me out wid the study based on residential schools??..
Rizwan Baig


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