Theory and Criticism
21st Century Modernism
Hi everyone, this is my first post on, how is everyone doing ?

Anyway, just thought I'd throw something in for debate.

I'm currently working on my 5th yr dissertation, entitled 21st Century Modernism and will be looking into the resurgence of mid-century modernism today. It appears that we seem to be having a case of de-ja-vu, where modern is back in style : not just in fashion, or music, or movies, but also in architecture - take Yoshio Taniguchi's MoMA in Manhattan for example. Is this a cultural phenomenon, a revisioning of modernist principles, or just plain trend?

Just curious to know what everyone else thinks about this.
Nuwee Kiyui
21st Century Modernism
21st century modernism in every field must be pre-planned. It is the responsibility of every sensible individual to think forward to create that which is new and useful for the benefit of humanity. Architects, particularly, must design buildings that are aesthetically perfect. They should present the centuries ignored spiritualism because without spiritual values we human beings might be cruel as Halaku Khan, Changiz Khan, Hitler, etc. We must be spiritually uplifted in by this 21st century modernism.
Alamzeb Akhund
21st Century Modernism
Right now, just having a little thought...

It's not the de-ja-vu, rather its gaining the positive or plus points of earlier architecture (or, of any field, which was so original in itself! Like, taking a small example of the drainage system of Indus Valley, or construction materials which were used earlier! They all were so advanced that even today we can't understand the mystery behind!

So it's just that... To produce a best result, flaws must be corrected and regaining the good things of past will proove to be the best solution.
Divya Saxena
21st Century Modernism
As Space and Time are being spoken as the same thing since Einstein's and Giedion's and theories, I feel that architecture is also the same. Reinassance was happened at the darkest moment we have in the history as well as when we look at the history, the new things always approch us when there is no way out for the conflicts and controversies. Frankly speaking, architecture is a matter of how we look at it, modern movement is a controversial issue that can be brought to talk about, debate about, construct and do away with at all the spacetime marked in this timeline of our history. MOMA new wing is a phenomenon of architecture at its presense, also, if we look at the other side of appropriateness, museum of modern art is responsding involvement of art in the certain period. Thus, we should not expect Gehry's irregular structure to cover everything and mark it as a proper style for the comprehension of architecture and its existence.
Non Arkaraprasertkul
21st Century Modernism
What makes difference between modernism that happened in architecture in first half of 20th century, and 21st century modernist revival, is not in modernism itself - but other movements, styles and philosophical theories that were happening in between - and a lot happened - postmodernism specially. While originaly modernism in general was revolutionarly break and answer to new needs of industrialised society - and in that way was dominant discourse, modernist visual language revival is in such postmodern world just one of enteties in plural world.
Svetislav Kostic-Jeremic


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