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Do you believe in your designs?
Famous architects like Le Corbusier, (favorite of ArchNet's) Sinan and Frank Lloyd Wright had one distinguishing feature from others, they believed in their work.

Do you believe in your work? If a famous architect came and analyzed your drawings and said "this, this and this needs to be changed", do you have the hutspa to say: "No, thank you very much but you don't know what you are talking about", or, would you just shrink?

I believe that whatever you do as your life's vocation, you should do it well and perfect your craft. Can you honestly say that you are doing this? I think as architects, you should really consider this question. If you do, hopefully, who knows that maybe your name will be used in the same breath as Le Corbusier, Sinan and Frank Lloyd Wright. I truly do wish this for every architect and budding architect out there.

Remember mediocrity is never good enough, strive for perfection and greatness will come!

Thank You,
Abdul Basit Mukri
Do you believe in your designs?

Even though I'm still a student, I throughly belive in what I am designing, and though I know that likely nothing of what I do now will never be realised, I still pursue my ideas and defend my visions with a fierce zeal. The usual advice I get from my colleagues is to loosen up and simplify my design and make my life more easy. Some of my projects have thus been deemed as 'very corageous', and I am still troubling with the design of single-family house I started now almost two years ago. I do not think of myself as a lonely fighter against the system, nor as a visionary, nor as a genius, nor as an idealist, and I certainly would not want to become Wright or Corbusier, who were all of listed, and exactly because of that they were impossible people to deal or live with (don't know about Sinan... he lived centuries ago). I can handle critics and I accept advice and input of others when I deem it is worthy and can improve my own project. However, the bottomline is I cannot do anything just to 'get the job done'; if I do something, I have to do it out of my heart, with my soul, because I want to do it!
Luka Trkanjec
Do you believe in your designs?
If someone really do his work honestly and rationally he must answer all the questions to his projects. Each and every lines of project has to be derived from certain logic.

When someone does something from clear analysis and logic, then he should remain ready to fight even with Le Corbusiar.

As I do.
Mohammad Tauheed
Do you believe in your designs?
Mohammad Tauheed, who?

I find it curious that it is the students who are first to respond, yet to experience the real world and yet to have their hopes and optimism challenged. Genius, visions, creativity, belief starts from an early age...I don't know if you have already experienced the tell-tale signs of fame and greatness...I hope you have and I hope that I will hear your names in the very near and distant future. This is my hope and wish!

Great, famous, and noble people always knew from an early age that their destinies were different from others. Not to say this is a hard and fast rule but the stars were aligned perfectly for greatness, fame and nobility to shine.

I may sound cynical but I really feel this to be the truth. Even with this said, it doesn't make a less famous and great person, any less of a person. Hard work is also a distinguishing sign of greatness, fulfilling your destiny(even if it be a garbage man) is another. Whatever you do, do it well, perfect and fulfill your destiny, that which is required of you. Entertaining visions of grandeur and creating false hope for yourself, won't help. Know yourself, be honest, smart and fulfill your role in the unfolding drama of man on earth.

Greatness and fame have a flip side as well, plus an in between. Find yourself amongst these three and you will have fulfilled the greatness and fame within you. Continue your zeal for architecture, learn from Corbusier, Sinan, Wright but also learn from the lesser known architects as well. Learn what it is to be famous and great. Learn knowledge, where ever you may find it because this is veritably the sign of greatness. Know yourself, the world and be great!

Best Regards,

You ever wonder why some of your teachers of architecture are teachers of architecture and not practicing architects?
Abdul Basit Mukri
Do you believe in your designs?
I think there is a slight confusion here.

I firmly believe in what I do. I have faith in my abilities as an architect. I know that I have learnt a lot (although I am continously learning) and whatever I have learnt, will stand in me in good stead.

However, it is this belief that gives me the strength to listen to other people. Because I know that I am not horribly wrong, I have the courage to listen to other people criticize my designs. I like to have discussions on my designs with other people.

Right and wrong do not exist in architecture. Different people have different views. This gives me the chance to stick to my ideas and yet respect other peoples wishes.

This is especially true in dealing with clients. Sometimes, a client comes up and says- 'I don't like this'. and this starts a great debate about the profession of architecture. I would still like to understand what the client is trying to say and address the problem.

I think I am digressing... this calls for another post!

People who don't have confidence in their own work are the most defensive about their projects. So, if I see someone not even ready to listen to another point of view, I see a weakness rather than a strength.

I hope this opens up a can of worms.
Vishwanath Kashikar
Do you believe in your designs?
I agree with Mr Kashikar. Architects are not gods and to certain extent they are not even social reformers which many times we (architects) believe to be so. Architects are supposed to be a part of society living and dwelling with society he should be responsive to social changes and mind of society. In the midst of all this if I believe in the design I am at loss. I should believe in my sensitivity and should not pretend as if I am a god.

I must believe in myself a human and not something as extraordinary as architect. I do not want my name to be taken in same breath a Corbu and F L Wright but I would like people to name me as the most humble cooperative and honest man and architect. My architecture need not display a philosophy (which I only can talk about and understand) or an Ism which does no good to the poor and villagers.

I would like to be remembered by masses and not egoistic intellectuals.

My client is not a pray to my thirst of design but a friend whom I helped building the dream of his life. My architecture and I respond to a larger mass of community and not individualistic greed, idea, philosophy or design.

So I believe in my design because I won the belief of people of the city or town for whom I am designing and all those who can criticize me. I believe in my design and I am ready to change it if some one gives valid suggestion and proves it I am not adamant on my design just because I want to be one of those (Corbu, F L or anyone).
Anubandh Hambarde
Do you believe in your designs?
Vishwaneth and Anubandh,

I like your responses and approaches to architecture. You have proved to me again, that the Indic mind is one of the most thoughtful. I urge you to stick strongly to your ideas. Sticking to them will only allow them to be implemented. Willpower with good thoughts, is a good combination for success, on all levels.

Good Luck!

To others: Do you actually think your designs are good?
Abdul Basit Mukri
Do you believe in your designs?

As a second year architectural student, I would have to say that in every semester we learn something new and each day opens our mind to larger scale. So, every day is a whole new experience for our minds, and when we take a new step we accept new knowledge and whatever design that may look appealing today can suddenly be so ugly and out of order tomorrow, making you want to change things while you would improve others.

I believe that even F.L. Wright would still want to improve things in his designs. After all, we are not gods and every one has its own taste.

And, yes, to some point I would say that I believe in my designs but am open for any suggestions.
Darya Tarawneh
Do you believe in your designs?
Abdul Basit Mukri

I am truly very inspired by your words. Thank you for recharging me!

Often I feel like this: I know nothing of architecture, even I know nothing of the world and of nature. I often feel very frustrated, realizing how little I know and how little we work!

I am trying to know and know more. You know, we are now arranging a physical discussion program every week. We named it the Discourse98. Here we arrange reading circle on works of masters, we discuss about different aspects of contemporary architecture. You may take visit to know more here I designed this site!

Good wish to you to.

Mohammad Tauheed


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