Measuring sustainability
Dear all,

Can we say that there are:

- Sustainability measuring, appraisal or evaluating methodology?
- How can we measure sustainability?
- Are there indicators for sustainability for making a method for evaluating it in architectural sides?

Eng. Usama Konbr
Usama Konbr
Measuring sustainability
Usama, Measuring the sustainability of an architectural design depends upon if there is a natural balance between design, climate and environment.

For me this means designs with the fewest moving parts and the lowest use of energy to maintain human comfort.

Therefore one way to measure sustain-ability, is to chart the amount of energy used to maintain the building and check this against energy use in nearby traditional building designs.

Traditional building design is a good reference for measuring sustainability, because most traditional designs were created before the use of fossil-fuel machinery and therefore are or should be energy efficient and econnomic.
Frank John Snelling


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