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The use of glass as a structural material

I am a fifth year student from Ireland requiring to design glass: beams, columns, floors and walls. Where can I get information on glass design rules? Does any country have design codes for glass?
John Hayes
The use of glass as a structural material
I looked through some of my engineering books and I don't see any American codes specifically for glass. I think generally, we determine the loads the glass for a specific application will have to resist then we compare those numbers directly against specifications for a particular product, ie., we need a window to resist a force of x kg/m^2 so we choose a prefabricated product meeting that requirement.

The glass codes I've seen are more for energy saving, ie. double panes.

I found a product sheet for glass supported by mullions on four sides in The Fundamentals of Building Construction, by Edward Allen, John Wiley and Sons, 1990, p. 609.

Maybe you can contact a local glass factory or an engineering design firm like Ove Arup (Millenium Bridge, London).

I hope this will help. I wanted you to know at least somebody read your message. 5th year is a tough one. Good luck.
Bonnie Kaplan


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