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Weblinks for sustainability measurement
Dear all,

My name is Usama Abd-Alnabi Konbr. I am an assistant lecturer at the Architectural Department, Faculty of Engineering, Tanta University, Egypt.

Now I am busy with finishing my Ph.D. thesis on Sustainable Architecture entitled:

    Sustainable Architecture in New Urban Communities in Greater Cairo Region: A methodology for Evaluating the Sustainable Dimension for the Architecture of Residential Zones

I am searching for links for publications related to evaluating and measuring sustainability for new urban communities. I am searching specifically for websites where I can find downloadable books, papers etc. I would like to see examples of methodologies in practice to help me in designing one.


Usama Konbr
Weblinks for sustainability measurement

One of the methodologies used in the United States today is the Leed Rating System that has been set up by the US Green Building Council,

It is a fairly exhaustive system that looks at sustainability from a very technical stand-point. A point system rating is attached with the various components of sustainability and then measured.
Anahita Anandam


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